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Home » Mike Tyson credits weed and magic mushrooms for new chilled persona

Mike Tyson credits weed and magic mushrooms for new chilled persona

Mike Tyson says the secret to his newly-found happiness later in life lies within the power of psychedelics and, of course, his massive cannabis resort.

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” has spoken openly about his pot smoking for years. He even has a YouTube channel called “HotBoxin” named after that fact.

Tyson smokes joints and talks to celebrities in a podcast that is a massive success. Now, Tyson wants to help promote LSD and other similar substances.

The youngest heavyweight champion of all time believes psychedelics saved him from a life spiraling out of control.

“You see how much my life changed five years ago? I was a junkie five years ago,” Tyson said, according to Forbes. “I didn’t even think I could survive.

“Then I got introduced to animal and plant medicine,” he added.


On his life before founding a haven in magic mushrooms, Tyson continued: “Before, you always read about me in the papers, doing something negative.

“Now, what happened to that guy? You don’t see me partying anymore. That’s not my life anymore,” he says with pride.

“It’s hard to really articulate it from my perspective, but psychedelics helped me assume my relationship with God.

“I don’t use it for recreation. I’m not a recreational user. This stuff is only done from a spiritual perspective.

“We go to ceremonies, you know. We have to bear witness and be humble.”

Tyson has confirmed his participation at Wonderland: Miami, a psychedelics industry to be held next month.

“There are tons of companies to get involved with, but it’s only the right one that would do for me. And I think Wesana, they’re the right ones with my personality. I think it suited just well,” he confirmed.

“I’m involved with the whole team, and this is what we’re doing. We’re educating people,” stated the 55-year-old.

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