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World Boxing Association close on reinstation, resolve five weight divisions

It’s well documented that World Boxing News took a tough stance on the World Boxing Association earlier this year after a series of dumbfounding decisions.

WBN became the first boxing outlet to declassify the WBA as a recognized sanctioning body. Others then followed suit.

Outcries over rankings, championship bout decisions, and most of all, the number of title-holders led to WBN giving the WBA a firm ultimatum.

Clean house or face continued criticism over their list of champions.

After widespread condemnation of their judges for the Mykal Fox vs. Gabriel Maestre fight, the WBA took only a few days to react.

Since then, 28 belts got dropped, and a huge amount of orders have been made public.

The WBA is well on the way to being reinstated by WBN before the end of the year if their process continues in the same vein.

So far, five of the seventeen weight classes have only one ruler, as the WBA explained.

“Since the World Boxing Association’s (WBA) title reduction plan began, an expedited effort has been made in all divisions to make consistent decisions that are aligned with the goal.

“The first important step was eliminating the interim titles. It led to a reduction of a large number of championships and allowed these fighters to become mandatory challengers to several of the champions.

“Additionally, the WBA has issued resolutions in several divisions. It comes after an exhaustive review that intends to be as fair as possible while cleaning up each weight.

“The Gold champions have also had changes. Now their name appears in the ranking and not above as it did it in the past.”

Jermell Charlo
Esther Lin


“It is worth mentioning that different bouts have been ordered to advance to a single champion. Also, fighters in several weight classes have been asked to choose the one they want to keep and defend.

“The committee has also ordered a “Box-off” tournament between several welterweight rated boxers to determine the champion. This movement also guarantees spectacle to the fans.

“Five categories with only one champion.

“After implementing the title reduction measure, the WBA has five single champions.

Artem Dalakian in the flyweight division.

Naoya Inoue in the bantamweight.

Roger Gutiérrez in the super featherweight.

Jermell Charlo in the super welterweight.

Dmitry Bivol in the light heavyweight.

World Boxing Association Fight Resolutions

The committee continues working hard and issuing resolutions, ordering fights, and making decisions to contribute to the demands of the fans and the press. In the beginning, it has been a great advance, and the goal is to continue on this path.

WBN is committed and fair on the issue. Since the very beginning, World Boxing News has been when Gilberto Mendoza promised he would eradicate the “regular” champions in an exclusive interview back in 2013.

It took drastic measures to remove the WBA. But now the World Boxing Association has shown they are willing to listen to the fans and media, they are well on the way to becoming the fourth major sanctioning body.

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