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Teenage Phenom Gabriela Fundora Returns Oct 23 in Mexico

On Saturday, October 23, 19-year-old flyweight prospect Gabriela “Sweet Poison” Fundora (4-0, 2 KO) will return for a six-round flyweight battle on LC Promotions’ “Round x Round” event at the Salón de Usos Múltiples 3 Coronas in Los Reyes, Estado de México, against tough veteran Alejandra “Tintanita” Soto (7-6-1, 3 KO).

The event will be streamed live on Facebook.

Fighting for the fifth fight already this year, the skillful 5′ 9″ southpaw from Coachella, California, says winning her last two by KO was not a coincidence.

“I’ve turned my power up a notch,” admits Fundora during a break in training. “It happened so naturally. My first two pro fights, it was like dipping my toe in the shallow end. As soon as I had my third fight, I got used to the rhythm and since then it’s been time to sit down on my punches and show them what we’ve really got.”

While Fundora says she doesn’t often study specific opponents, she’s looking forward to getting back in the ring against Soto.

“I don’t know much about her, but we train hard to prepare for any style. We you know what you bring to the ring, you don’t worry about who you’re facing. The more I fight, the more chances I get to go over what I’m doing wrong during fights and fix it for the next one. I’m improving very quickly fighting every month and I’m in top shape.”

From a fighting family that also includes top super welterweight contender Sebastian “Towering Inferno” Fundora, the former amateur standout Gabriela says she’s seeing big improvements working, as she always has, with her father/trainer, Freddy, at his growing gym in Coachella.

“We’ve been training like this since I was small. It’s nothing new. We wake up at 6 am and run about six miles. Then, around 5 pm, we do strength and conditioning and then we get into the boxing. My speed and power are improving,” she said happily. “I recorded myself doing mitt work I didn’t realize how fast and hard I was punching until I watched the video.”

Set to have her third consecutive fight in Mexico, Fundora says she’s been very happy with the reception from Mexican fans.

“The fans in Mexico have all been very kind,” said Fundora. “They treat me like one of their own. We decided to take some fights in Mexico so I would have the experience of going outside my comfort zone to fight and the people here are amazing. It’s been an amazing experience.”

Surprisingly Fundora says the plan is to fight up to two more times this year.

“We fight every month, so by the end of the year I hope to have six fights,” Fundora asserted. “I hope to be fighting for a regional belt by next year. It’s all going to be happening soon.”

“Gabriela Fundora, the Sweet Poison, will be a world champion very soon,” said her promoter, Sampson Lewkowicz. “She has settled into the professional style and now she is knocking everyone out. I’m looking forward to a very exciting year next year for Gabriela.”