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Home » Tyson Fury KO’d? – 11 seconds long count Deontay Wilder debate rages

Tyson Fury KO’d? – 11 seconds long count Deontay Wilder debate rages

Tyson Fury cannot seem to be credited for a victory over Deontay Wilder after a debate began raging over a potential long count.

Depending on who you believe, “The Gypsy King” was down in the fourth from anywhere between 11 and 18 seconds.

Referee Russell Mora got dragged into the argument, too, as the third man in the ring stands accused of giving Fury the benefit of the doubt, not once but twice.

Mora broke off his count on one instance to tell Wilder to go to the neutral corner, as any good official should do. But it’s the picking back up of the count that’s irking some detractors.

Even former world champion Andre Ward labeled the count long. At the same time, UFC star Daniel Cormier joined by calling it “crazy” on social media.

Like the time Mike Tyson [who Fury got named after incidently] knocked out James “Buster” Douglas before being stopped himself, any scrutiny won’t alter the result of the fight.


Wilder had four rounds to win the fight due to the weight he gained for the war. After that, he was always going to be a spent force.

This latest exchange of views by fans on both sides will give Wilder something to cling to in the aftermath. That’s if he does decide he won’t take the result lying down – as in the rematch.

Fury vs. Wilder III is already getting branded the most significant heavyweight fight of a generation. The victor rightly gained the moniker of the best top division boxer since Lennox Lewis.

Discussions like the count only add to the drama. They will help fans to explain why there should be a fourth encounter between the pair. But Fury is doubtful to accept at this stage, though.

Deontay Wilder
Sean Michael Ham


The only thing is his mind will be to take a break with his family. In a few weeks or months, the WBC ruler has to decide whether to fight Dillian Whyte in a mandatory bout or hang up his gloves.

At present, that’s the only way Fury would be able to even think about facing Wilder again. He’d have to face and defeat his fellow countryman, a former friend, and sparring partner.

Should Fury walk away for good, Wilder would undoubtedly be in the shake-up to meet Whyte for the vacant title in 2022.

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