‘Drunken, bum’ call-outs continue to dog Floyd Mayweather, no rest at 44

Floyd Mayweather

Amanda Westcott

Floyd Mayweather is 44 years old, a grandfather, and hasn’t had a competitive fight for over six years. That doesn’t stop many from wanting a big payday against the former pound-for-pound king.

Former opponent Oscar De La is the latest example of a ‘money call-out’ to the five-weight world champion. The “Golden Boy” had a late night and was worse for wear as he ranted about a possible May 7th, 2022, return battle with his ex-foe.

It’s no surprise Mayweather is yet to respond. He’s too busy selling his strip club business, betting partnerships, NFT’s, and other ventures to be worried about De La Hoya.

Looking at who has the most on their plate would indicate which of the boxing legends pines for the other more.

De La Hoya wasn’t on good form when he said: “I have a big announcement, okay.

“A huge announcement. Huge! I know it’s 1 o’clock [in the morning] or whatever. Well, so that you know, I’m a little loaded. I mean, what’s wrong with that?

“I’ve had a few drinks. Let’s be real here. It’s 1 o’clock, okay, a couple of beers, so what?

“Do you guys want to see me dance? – Wait, hold on, I have the big news that I’m going to unveil. I have big, freakin’ crazy news, okay. So I am going to fight again.

Oscar De La Hoya loaded Floyd Mayweather

Covid did freakin’ kick my a–. I was feeling the best in a long time, physically, mentally. So Cinco de Mayo, I’m going to fight again. And the opponent, I’m going to work on [for next year].

“But it’s going to be a boxer and the top of the top elite. If anybody followed my career here, you always know that I fought the best.

“That’s all I have to say. And who’s the best? Floyd Mayweather.”


Another targeting Mayweather emerged too over the past few days in a YouTuber labeled ‘a bum’ by many professional fighters since attempting to become one himself without facing a single boxer.

The vlogger in question, who WBN won’t name but will say he stole Mayweather’s hat, is cruising for another big-money night, asking his millions of followers to buy a fight nobody cares for, right now.

Mayweather even faced his brother, but the fight bombed so severely it’s hoped this attempt won’t’ even get off the ground.

Let’s all leave Floyd Mayweather alone. Let the man rest.

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