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Home » Footage emerges of even more elaborate Deontay Wilder trilogy costume

Footage emerges of even more elaborate Deontay Wilder trilogy costume

Footage emerged on Wednesday of what seems to be an even more elaborate costume for heavyweight challenger Deontay Wilder on Saturday night.

This scenario comes about is despite previous murmurings about his suit being too weighted for the rematch. Speculation mounted that this potentially affected his legs.

Even so, the American has gone all out again.

Working with Cosmo and Donato as he has done for his last few bouts, “The Bronze Bomber” has opted for a laser beam firing ensemble for the Tyson Fury trilogy.


Provided he wears it. The costume looks styled like the one he wore for the rematch. The new design is reportedly far lighter than the original. It should leave Wilder with no excuses if the worst goes down again this weekend.

Wilder and Fury meet for what’s supposed to be the final time at the T-Mobile Arena. However, if Wilder can exact revenge for his seventh-round defeat last year, a fourth effort will no doubt be needed for the pair.

A reversal of the last result would see the trilogy ending at one win apiece and one draw – an apparent cause for the fourth Pay Per View in 2022.


Both men arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday with their respective entourages. Fury, in particular, attracted attention for a more oversized frame.

“The Gypsy King” stated he’s put on more weight on purpose to inflict further damage on Wilder. Some media, and Wilder himself, were skeptical this was the case.

Family emergencies, Covid diagnosis, and training secrecy led to rumors Fury might not be in the best shape of his life. Wilder, on the other hand, looks streamlined.

He’s more muscular, having dropped some of the weight he added for the rematch.

Tyson Fury Sugarhill Steward

Ryan Hafey

Nonetheless, the weigh-in will be for the final judgment. The day before, Fury and Wilder make their ring walks on Saturday night.

Last time around, Fury entered the MGM Grand dressed as a king and boasting a throne. It will be equally interesting to see how the WBC ruler makes his way to the squared circle in front of the thousands in attendance.

Let’s hope Wilder has no suit mishaps with this one.

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