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Chris Eubank’s brother Peter: Beat Barry McGuigan and Joe Frazier’s son

British legend and former world champion Chris Eubank comes from an extended boxing family. Not many are aware of just how widely that net extends.

Chris has sons Chris Jr. and Harlem competing in the sport today. He recently tragically lost another son, Seb, who also was heavily involved in combat sports.

But before his legacy got passed down, Chris learned the ropes himself from older brothers Peter and Simon. Both of whom were professional boxers.

Peter – a super-lightweight – entered the paid ranks in 1980 and fought for over a decade. He retired in 1991.

Many won’t know that Peter fought and defeated Ireland’s future world featherweight champion, Barry McGuigan.

“The Clones Cyclone” was fighting in just his third contest when he headed to Eubank’s home turf in Brighton.

McGuigan lost controversially by an unfathomable half a point. It’s safe to say he wasn’t happy. McGuigan went away, recorded two victories, and then brought Eubank over to Ireland for a rematch at the famous Ulster Hall in Belfast.

Confident he could overturn the result, McGuigan took the fight to Eubank until he finally got him out of there in the final round of eight.

It was Peter’s fifth career reverse and a symbol that a title run wouldn’t be on the cards despite his victory over McGuigan.

Barry McGuigan Peter Eubank

Another benchmark got created in 1984, though, as Joe Frazier’s son flew over from the United States to face Peter. Frazier was 12-1 and tipped as a future world title challenger.

Nonetheless, Eubank rose to the occasion to take the verdict by one and a half points in Gateshead.

Two highlights of a varied career that saw Eubank end with 14 wins and 21 losses. He stepped away during the early nineties. A time when brother Chris was in the midst of the tragedy involving Michael Watson.

Two months earlier, Eubank and Watson fought out a hellacious battle that resulted in the latter getting damaged for life.

Within weeks, Peter’s defeat to Gary Jacobs signaled the end of his career.

Chris Eubank Piers Morgan



This year, Chris Eubank reflected on growing up alongside Peter and fighting for approval from him and Simon as a child.

“Those three brothers of mine, whatever happened to me throughout my life, nothing was more challenging than what those three did to me.

“My brother Peter, he never hit me once in his life. But he didn’t talk to me.

“He was always like this as a child with me. So it was him ignoring me and me wanting.

“When someone ignores you want to get their attention. So that was probably the most powerful.

“More so than my brother David, who, you know, I was always fighting with him. So more than the pain of those fights, him not talking to me.

“But that was good. It was great for me.”

After his victory over Nigel Benn, Eubank added that his first thought, when celebrating, was about his siblings.

“My brothers would finally respect me and treat me like you treat each other.”

Eubank added that they watched the fight but said afterward: “You’re still a tosspot.”

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