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Four Things Boxing and iGaming Have in Common

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Although at first no one would relate iGaming to boxing, the truth is that the two have a lot in common. In fact, you could even say that one has never existed without the other, because since the dawn of time, fighting has always been related to some kind of betting.

Since nowadays almost no boxing match goes unnoticed in online betting, let’s take a look at the four things that boxing has in common with iGaming.

#1 An Ancient Connection

Boxing was not the first sport to attract avid bettors. In fact, it wasn’t even in modern times – it was much, much earlier. Fights have always been popular and were one of the biggest attractions in ancient times. Whether in ancient Rome or Greece, “athletic feuds” could attract both the eyes of the upper class (among them emperors) and especially some people who were hungry to make a quick buck. 

This tradition of betting during a fight has not been lost, and in fact it only grew with the emergence of iGaming on the internet. Of course, boxing is the reigning combat sport among bettors, creating an exorbitant hype for big fights like back then when Muhammed Ali fought George Foreman or more recently when Mike Tyson returned to the ring to re-establish his dominance over Roy Jones Jr and his back-to-back return.

#2 The Imposing Power of their Crowds

Few sports create as much anticipation for an event as boxing. Tickets sell out in a heartbeat, with the best seats going for thousands of dollars at places like the Mandalay Bay and Las Vegas casinos.

Still, it’s not just in Las Vegas where the night gets interesting. Both the land-based casinos in Las Vegas and online sports betting sites are flooded with fans that want to make sure that the night is going to be unforgettable. 

Besides, new options for gambling such as live betting and live streams have made the fight take on sky-high proportions as it allows bettors to follow the event from anywhere in the world and bet on what happens, every second of the way.

#3 When Passion Moves Everything 

Bigger than the title winner or the last seconds of a fight is the all-around passion. Boxing is driven by passion, given that both boxers and supporters know their sport in and out far more than any other sport fan community. 

Since iGaming fans are similar, it is no wonder that there are in fact celebrities that unite both industries. Famous boxers like Floyd Mayweather Jr. or even Mike Tyson himself are even famous gamblers, who have had their fair share of winnings and even personal partnerships with casinos.

Plus, passion can both seal a boxer his million-dollar contract deal after winning a fight and can also help a gambler to hit that desired jackpot.

#4 Trouble with the Law

Although boxing has been around since ancient times, it is known that it has not been as well regarded as it is now until recently. It was not so long ago that boxing was restricted in both North America and Europe, as it was considered a brutal activity with too little in its favor.

Luckily, boxing underwent several changes to get a new and clean reputation. Today, boxing is much more regulated and far less violent than it used to be. 

Gambling had a very similar past to boxing, especially in the United States. It was Las Vegas that managed to introduce gambling in the present age in the country when it oppened its first casinos during the world wars, and Europe didn’t have much more luck either until recently.

But just like boxing, gambling is now also much more regulated and online casinos or sports betting sites are constantly regulated und supervised to ensure that everyone can enjoy both watching a boxing match and bet on it.