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Teofimo Lopez vs George Kambosos Jr. – Timeline of an absolute mess

The current situation regarding Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr. finally fighting for the undisputed lightweight championship is hard to digest.

From the time Lopez celebrated a career-high $6.02 million purse by having a poster mocked up and stating he’d made it to the big time, to where are now is completely unfathomable.

Delay after delay coupled with disaster after disaster in arranging the date and venue has made a mockery of the mandatory process lauded by many.

The International Boxing Federation must be tearing their hair out. They are long known for their impeccable record of enforcing stipulated battles and doing everything by the book.

Triller, who won the purse bid in a blaze of glory, looks more like an amateur outfit with every passing day.

WBN’s Lead Contributor Dan Rafael updated on Tuesday night as the farce took another twist despite Triller wanting to move the event to October 16.

Lopez agreed, probably as he wants this whole ordeal to be over. Meanwhile, challenger Kambosos refused to sign off.

The major points of Rafael’s article are listed below and can be read in full HERE.

Triller wins purse bid for $6.02 million. Lopez gets $3.9m, Kambosos $2.1m.

Originally reported for earlier but scheduled for June 19 in Miami. The fight then got postponed as Lopez caught Covid.

Rescheduled for October 5.

Rescheduled for October 4 due to Yankees baseball game.

Triller attempted to move again to October 16 at Barclays Center.

George Kambosos disagreed and asked his attorney wrote to the IBF asking for a default ruling.

Teofimo Lopez George Kambosos Jr


So what happens if Kambosos wins his default attempt? – Rafael explained the scenario.

“Lopez is entitled to 65 percent of the money ($3,911,700), although he must pay Top Rank 20 percent ($782,340). Kambosos is entitled to 35 percent ($2,106,300) minus a roughly a double-digit cut to DiBella. Both fighters were looking at career-high purses,” outlined Rafael.

“If the IBF declares Triller in default, it will forfeit the 20 percent it deposited with the IBF after the purse bid ($1,203,600).”

He added that both fighters “would split that money between them on a 65-35 split” to Teofimo Lopez.

And then, “Matchroom Boxing, as the under bidder, would have the option to promote the fight for its winning bid.”

Lopez will be hoping this all doesn’t go south. If it does, he stands to love almost $3 million in purse revenue. Kambosos will drop $1.5m.

If Matchroom decides to pick up the slack, Lopez and Kambosos would still be considerably out of pocket.

What an absolute mess.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.