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Home » WBA give Manny Pacquiao title he may not want above Floyd Mayweather

WBA give Manny Pacquiao title he may not want above Floyd Mayweather

WBA chiefs showed their support for Manny Pacquiao in handing the retiring legend a career-long accolade over rival Floyd Mayweather.

Pacquiao was effectively named “Champion of the Century” by the WBA, who overlooked Mayweather in favor of the Filipino Senator.

Mayweather defeated Pacquiao in 2015 when the pair met in a super-fight that broke all box office records.

The “Money” man may not be happy about Pacquiao getting the nod over his achievements.

A statement got released by the WBA outling the award but came just weeks after Pacquiao blasted the organization for stripping him of the welterweight title.

He ultimately lost to Yordenis Ugas, the man the WBA gave the 147 pounds “super” belt, stripping Pacquiao during the pandemic.

Through his team, Pacquiao labeled the WBA a “second-hand car dealership” for their unfathomable dethroning as a fight with Ugas was never previously ordered.

Nonetheless, Pacquiao is “Champion of the Century” – it will be interesting to see if he accepts it.

“The World Boxing Association (WBA) awarded the Centennial Champion recognition to Filipino Manny Pacquiao due to his great career in and out of the ring. During the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the pioneer body,” the WBA said.

“The Centennial Champion is a way to honor the legends of our sport and also to celebrate our 100 years of existence.

“Without a doubt, Manny meets all the requirements to obtain this recognition that he will never lose. He earned it by leaving a great legacy in and out of the ring.

“We are proud to give this distinction to a man who gave so much to boxing.”


Adding words that may be hard for Floyd Mayweather to swallow, they stated: “The centennial title is commemorative awarded to Pacquiao for his status as a living legend and his importance in the history of the sport.

“This recognition is non-transferable, and “Pacman” has earned it because of his career. Manny Pacquiao cannot put it at stake during any fight.

“Pacquiao has been one of the most important champions of the WBA thanks to his incredible feats.

“He earned titles in eight different categories. Pacquiao faced and beat all the greats of an era. He has had a long career in which he has been competitive over the years.

Manny Pacquiao champion of the century WBA

“His career is not just limited to what he has achieved in the ring. But it has transcended to culture and has served as an example both in his country and in the world.

“The WBA congratulates Manny for his remarkable career. We are proud to grant this recognition to a man. He has represented the black and gold colors with his impeccable career.

“A big shout out to our Centennial Champion, Mr. Manny Pacquiao.”

As he approaches his first-ballot Hall of Fame honor, Mayweather might wonder what award the WBA will have in store for him.

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