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Manager walks away from Riddick Bowe over ‘bad decisions’

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The manager of Riddick Bowe has revealed he walked away from the aged former heavyweight champion over a bid to make a comeback at 55.

Bowe announced his intention to fight ex-NBA star Lamar Odom in a “Celebrity Boxing” match on October 2nd. Video of Bowe’s training caused an uproar resulting in the right thing unfolding for Bowe.

Celebrity Boxing organizers pulled “Big Daddy” out but failed to address the elephant in the room when doing so.

“All the Best to former Heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe. Due to the backlash and misleading from Bowe’s Management team about Bowes Health, Celebrity Boxing is moving forward.

“We are having Bowe part of the event but not as a Celebrity Boxer. Lamar Odom will take on another Celeb October 2nd,” they said.

But before that statement, manager Chris Frazier [no relation to Joe that we know of] had already left Bowe in protest.

Responding to promoter Lou DiBella’s disgust over the matter, Frazier outlined what happened.

“No. Just NO! This is barbaric and beyond dangerous,” said DiBella initially. “The fact that no regulatory body has already put the kibosh on this is shocking and unacceptable.

“This isn’t sport. This isn’t #boxing. This is a human train-wreck waiting to happen. WTF!”

Frazier said: “I was Bowe’s Manager and left him because of these bad decisions.

“These older boxers should be helping to train the next generation and mentoring.”

Obviously, since then, Bowe got saved and will no longer be participating against Odom in another shocking exhibit of where boxing is heading.

Music superstar Jennifer Lopez’s former partner Ojani Noa replacing Bowe on the October 2nd event tells you all you need to know about that show.

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At least ABC President Michael Mazzulli made some sense of the Bowe mess as it transpired. Mazzuli spoke out after witnessing Evander Holyfield battered by Vitor Belfort in 109 seconds.

“It makes for a hot topic just to talk about fighters’ age—Evander [Holyfield], [Mike] Tyson, Riddick Bowe. But age discrimination is not what the discussion should be about.

“The discussion should be about safety,” said Mazzuli.

Keeping Bowe out of the ring forever should now become everyone’s priority.

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