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Home » Sven Elbir says Chris Eubank Jr is too rich and settled now, lost the fire

Sven Elbir says Chris Eubank Jr is too rich and settled now, lost the fire

Big-hitting German Sven Elbir is fired up to snatch Chris Eubank Jr’s wealth and success when they clash at the SSE Arena, Wembley on Saturday 2nd October, live and exclusive on Sky Sports.

Hungry challenger Elbir wants the British superstar’s money and fame for himself and believes his fire and desire will see him over overthrow Eubank Jr. in their highly anticipated clash.

Dangerman Elbir, the WBA International Champion and World #15 ranked, poses a serious threat to The Brighton ace with five stoppages coming in his last six fights and in his last fight in July he halted former World title challenger Jose Torres inside four.

“I think at the moment I have much bigger fire in my eyes. We all know Chris Eubank was raised in a good family with money and now he has everything: money, fame, house, car, TV contract. At this point, he has everything and that’s what I want,” he said.

“That’s the reason why the fire in my eyes is much stronger than his. I want to be in the position he is now and I will do anything to get there. I never would say that Chris is not hungry, but I’m different. I grew up in the streets.

“I’m coming from a very hard background. There were times when my family didn’t have money. I really want to get to the top of the world so people can see that this guy came from nothing but now he achieved everything with discipline and hard work.”

Elbir also thinks that training under American legend Roy Jones Jr has actually taken Eubank Jr back a step.

“Eubank has a style where he goes forward, he wants to go to war. Roy Jones was more technical. He was not a fighter like Chris Eubank is. I think together they don’t match. In his last fight, I could see this,” he explains.

“I think he is not the fighter he used to be. In the past he had more spectacular knockout wins. In the last fights he hasn’t. Maybe it’s because of his trainer. Roy Jones is a legend but not every boxer can train with someone like Roy Jones because he has such a unique style.”

“I think that is an advantage for me. Also I’m the underdog, everyone expects me to come to the fight to lose. I hope Chris thinks the same because then he will get a surprise on October 2nd.”