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Home » Disturbing video emerges of Riddick Bowe preparing to fight at 55

Disturbing video emerges of Riddick Bowe preparing to fight at 55

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A horrifying video of Riddick Bowe preparing to compete in a Celebrity Boxing match has emerged of the once-great heavyweight champion.

Bowe, who has mobility issues, is training in the gym for a comeback to the ring at 55. It follows a similar return by former opponent Evander Holyfield.

The disturbing clip posted by a member of Bowe’s team in the gym shows the aged ex-world ruler struggling to throw punches as he attempts to move around.

Worryingly, it’s a lot worse than the media workout Holyfield undertook when concerns got raised about “The Real Deal” earlier this month.

Holyfield took on Vitor Belfort, approaching his 59th birthday. During fight week, the former cruiserweight king was unable to maneuver.

Most fans and media who witnessed the event thought it was wrong for Holyfield to fight. And so it proved.

The four-time heavyweight champion was pasted in 109 seconds by Belfort and dropped more than once for his trouble. The Triller event called for stricter controls of these types of events.

Although younger than Holyfield, trilogy-rival Bowe has had a much harder time of it outside the ropes. He clearly doesn’t have what it takes to be in the ring with anyone.

Nonetheless, on October 2nd, “Big Daddy” will compete against NBA star Lamar Odom in a specific money-making exercise that holds no morals.

Bowe has no business being in there.


Promoter Lou DiBella, who – like WBN has been vocal against older fighters being allowed to fight, spoke up again over the weekend.

“No. Just NO! This [Bowe return] is barbaric and beyond dangerous,” pointed out DiBella.

“The fact that no regulatory body has already put the kibosh on this is shocking and unacceptable.

“This isn’t sport, and this isn’t boxing. This is a human train-wreck waiting to happen. WTF!”

Reporter Kevin Iole, who has also followed the story closely, continually asks the question, “how is this allowed to happen?”

“If Lamar Odom versus Riddick Bowe is an approvable fight in the eyes of Florida combat sports regulators, I struggle to imagine what they would say no to [in terms of events].

“This is nauseating if they allow this,” he stated.

During the 1990s, Holyfield and Bowe waged war three times in the ring that seriously affected both. They were never the same again.

To think they are both back fighting in 2021 means boxing has never moved forward and, to this day, remains a largely unregulated sport.

Money once again takes precedence over health.

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