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Home » Deontay Wilder gave Tyson Fury 80 million reasons not to fight AJ

Deontay Wilder gave Tyson Fury 80 million reasons not to fight AJ

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Deontay Wilder pursued arch-nemesis Tyson Fury to the fullest to secure what could be his final opportunity at a heavyweight title.

The American, who reigned for five years as WBC ruler in possession of the coveted green and gold belt, had a trilogy agreed before handing the strap to Fury.

Losing in seven rounds last year, Wilder didn’t know what hit him as “The Gypsy King” took control from the off and ended his undefeated run.

One month after the loss, the pandemic hit. The lull allowed both sides to reflect on what went down.

Fury wanted to enjoy some time away. On the other hand, Wilder was vocal with his refuted claims that Fury did something untoward to gain the win.

Months of back and forth subsided when Fury announced his intention to walk away from Wilder, mainly down to those allegations.

Wilder didn’t take Fury’s no for an answer and immediately launched an arbitration. He won, and Fury got subsequently ordered to agree on the third fight.

By that time, Fury was locked into negotiations to face Anthony Joshua in an undisputed battle. The Briton has since revealed that he’d have had to pay 80 million dollars for the privilege if he’d continued with the Joshua plan.

Given that choice, Fury chose to face Wilder again rather than pay the 80 million dollars.

Even after the ruling, it’s been a frustrating time for Wilder. “The Bronze Bomber” was forced to wait another three months after Fury asked for a delay due to a Covid diagnosis.

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Outlining his thoughts in a recent taping of the PBC Podcast, Deontay Wilder was still highly skeptical.

“I can’t control what they’re doing on their side,” Wilder said. “I can’t control whether this is a lie or it’s the truth.

“You know what I’m saying? Because I don’t believe any of it, anything that they’ve done.

“Anybody that’s been trying to run since July, anybody that’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars not to fight, you can’t believe that person. Do you know? They try to run away from it – I’m running to it.

“When it’s like that, you can’t believe anything. You know, and honestly, I don’t think [Fury] had no COVID.

“You know, look at his actions. Look at what he’s done. I have been to different places and stuff like that. He definitely doesn’t act like it.”

From those 80 million reasons to fight, Fury could make himself 150 million more if he could repeat the triumph on October 9th.

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