David Haye earns millions in minutes by recreating Audley Harrison win

David Haye Joe Fournier

Amanda Westcott

On Saturday night, David Haye earned a reported seven-figure payday for basically recreating his victory over Audley Harrison, which almost killed Pay Per View.

In 2010, Haye and Harrison almost single-handily turned UK viewers off the paid boxing platform in a drab three-round fight.

Haye got accused of carrying Harrison to the third session after placing bets on the outcome pre-fight. However, this never got proved, only considerable rumor.


But watching the Haye comeback [I wish I didn’t have to, but it’s my job] against Joe Fournier, flashbacks to that old contest came flooding back.

Haye carried Fournier for the duration when he could have exploded at any moment to take him out. The pair are friends, after all, though.

Triller stated it was “a battle of former friends,” – but many don’t believe this is the case.

The former heavyweight champion earned millions for the fight, which was billed as a pro contest but not recognized as one officially.

Despite Triller claiming Haye was now “29-4 with 26 KOs,” – he is not. They also said, “Haye flashed moments of brilliance throughout the fight against the outgunned Fournier” – he did not.

Looking every inch his 40 years, Haye no longer has the mobility that made him a spectacular fight.

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What he did next was delusional and unforgivable.

“It felt really good to be back in the ring. I haven’t hit a bag in three years, no sparring, but I had four weeks of preparation for this, and I got in there and felt fresh.

“I felt sharp. My timing was good. But I wanted to give eight rounds of good entertainment, and that’s what I did.

“Now I feel like I’m ready to do some big things. I went out there and did exactly what I was going to do. Tyson Fury has been in my mind for a long time since 2013 when we were scheduled to fight.

“I’ve always wanted that fight, and I’ve seen him getting better and better. I know I can beat him,

“And I know his style. I know what he does well. My attributes don’t work for his style, and he and his team know that.”

That was a shameless act when Haye knows full well he wouldn’t be able to lace Fury’s gloves anymore. It’s a pure money-grab and will next happen – at least until Fury is over the hill anyway.

Walk away gracefully, please, David. Like the Audley Harrison lack of effort, that wasn’t even a win.

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