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Home » US heavyweight continues to goad “Diana Betty” Whyte for agreed fight

US heavyweight continues to goad “Diana Betty” Whyte for agreed fight

Top United States heavyweight prospect Jermaine Franklin is mightily disappointed that he may now miss out on a fight with Briton Dillian Whyte.

Franklin says he got approached to be in the opposite corner to Whyte for a heavyweight match-up in America that failed to materialize.

Whyte is now heading home to fight on October 30 in the UK. However, Franklin still wants his shot at the WBC interim champion.

There’s been no let-up from Franklin since Whyte revealed his intentions to fight in London instead.

“This is what happens when Diana [sic] hear my name. He is turning Whyte!

“He is scared to death. I’m the best. It’s time to show the world. 20-0 Undefeated with 13 KO’s. I have signed everything. Where are you?

“The ink is dry. I signed my agreement. Where are you, Betty [sic] Whyte? It’s time to make this happen. If I’m a bum, then sign your paperwork if you can spell your name.

“I’m ready. I’m signed, sealed, and delivered, and Dillian Whyte is scared. First, I’m a bum and a step-over fight. Now he is scared of me. He is a Punk, paper Champion. Give him some heart,” said Franklin.

He added: For over four months, Dillian Whyte couldn’t keep my name out his mouth. I promise a rematch to you when I win.

“I signed my bout agreement. Nothing to lose dude! I want my shot.

“Dillian Whyte, where are you? I signed the bout agreement. Here is how our fight will end. Just sign! Just Sign! Rematch yes when you lose!”

Jermaine Franklin
Stephanie Trapp


Franklin is on a sure path to some sort of title opportunity over the coming months after impressing on Showtime.

Without a fight since the pandemic hit, Franklin is in danger of stagnating after seeing his last fight fall apart.

A positive Covid test ended a standout battle with Stephan Shaw, another potential opponent for Dillian Whyte next month.

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