Former heavyweight champ “slurring his words” ahead of shocking return

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Amanda Westcott

Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is in no shape for taking punches to the head and is already slurring his words.

That’s the view of a lot of concerned people who love our sport.

The 58-year-old accepted the chance to fight Vitor Belfort on Saturday night but looking slow and sluggish in this week’s workout.

Fans and boxing personnel have since taken to social media to expressed their dismay at Holyfield being allowed to fight approaching his sixties.

An initial request for license got denied by the California State Athletic Commission, leading to organizers Triller moving the fight to Florida to go around the red tape.

The fact is, California’s decision was a flag that should have been adhered to as Holyfield could be badly hurt against 44-year-old Vitor Belfort.

“This fight is super messed up,” stated a commenter on the fight. “I get he’s making money, but we have to draw the line somewhere. No one wants to see a legend die in the ring.”

Belfort, the man ready to put his fist through Holyfield’s head, was unfazed by the challenge earlier this week.

“I don’t see the change in opponent as a problem. I see it as an opportunity. And this is a huge opportunity for me to face a legend like Evander Holyfield.

“In boxing, there are too many big fights that aren’t happening. Oscar and Evander truly built the sport of boxing during their careers. Evander’s a hall of famer, and I’m very excited to be fighting him.”


“The king of the jungle is the lion, not the elephant, I’m smaller than Evander, but I’m the lion. Speed and power are more important than size.”

“It’s about hit and doesn’t get hit. I know how strong Evander is. It’s about fighting a smart fight on Saturday night.”

“America is a great country of opportunity, and that’s been the story of my entire career.”

Time will tell whether Holyfield will be affected even more by this latest attempt to roll the clock back thirty years.

Boxing is currently heading in a completely abominable direction. At present, the thinking regarding Pay Per View needs a complete overhaul.

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