VADA don’t agree with World Boxing Council on Oscar Valdez advantage

Oscar Valdez

Mikey Williams

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency provided information on stimulants like the one flagged in World Boxing Council champion Oscar Valdez’s sample.

Valdez was given a pass following a hearing with Pascua Yaqui Tribe Athletic Commission. The WBC agreed Valdez would be able to defend his title on September 10th.

On Tuesday, World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman outlined why Valdez was allowed to fight.


“He will be subject to an important series of actions related to what happened. To monitor his performance in the months to come and educate him and his entire team on the issues of nutrition, hydration, weight management, and prohibited substances; all at a significant economic cost to himself,” said Sulaiman.

“To issue the final resolution, important considerations were carefully assessed: the type of substance and its properties; It is a medicine that suppresses the appetite and does not give any competitive advantage. The substance levels were 77 nanograms per milliliter, while the allowed limit is 50.

“The test was taken a month before the fight, and the next test, taken on August 30, came back negative.

“The history of Valdez, as a two Olympic Games and as professional has had more than 30 tests without ever having a doping problem.”

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VADA‘s President Margaret Goodman disagreed with the notion that Valdez testing positive effectively “out of competition” didn’t give him an advantage.

“Boxing and MMA are inherently dangerous. The hazards and risks are not limited solely to the day of the fight,” she stated.

“VADA chooses policies that we believe are in the best interest of the fighters. VADA believes that two lists would place fighters at undue risk.

“I won’t elaborate at length here on the risks inherent in the use of stimulants. Whether during a fight or during training, including how stimulants act on the central nervous system and cause withdrawal side effects.

“These risks can be reviewed online.

“Putting aside these dangers, stimulants can enhance performance in ways that include, but are not limited to, increased metabolic rate, power, and strength.

“They decrease fatigue, aid in weight loss, and suppress appetite. They can provide an unfair advantage in competition.

“VADA remains committed to supporting combat sports and protecting the fighters to the best of our ability.”

Nonetheless, Valdez will defend his belt against Robson Conceicao on Friday. That’s unless something dramatically changes in the next 48 hours.

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