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Home » Oscar De La Hoya vows to return to boxing despite “Covid hitting him hard”

Oscar De La Hoya vows to return to boxing despite “Covid hitting him hard”

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Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya intends to make a comeback to boxing in the future after leaving hospital following a battle with Covid.

De La Hoya was due to fight at the age of 48 against ex-UFC star Vitor Belfort. Organizers were forced to scrap the contest days before due to De La Hoya’s diagnosis.

A 58-year-old Evander Holyfield stepped in to save the show, leaving De La Hoya to recover.

After three days of battling the virus, De La Hoya announced his intentions to return once he’s back to full health.

“Hey guys, I am out of the hospital. I was in there for three days,” said De La Hoya. “COVID hit me really hard.

“I was in the best shape of my life, and I really can’t wait to get back in the ring.

“Thank you very much for all your well wishes and all your support. I appreciate it.”

Oscar claimed to be double-vaccinated from the virus before being struck down. His case is now being presented as an anti-vax example for conspiracy theorists.

Judging by how badly he was affected, though, the vaccines he did have probably saved his life.

Oscar De La Hoya in hospital with Covid


It’s a well-known fact that the virus is still transmissible, even if vaccinated twice. Belfort’s trainer Derik Santos doesn’t believe De La Hoya’s case was that severe, though.

“I’m not trying to disrespect Oscar, I saw the video of Oscar, but if I’m being honest, I’m still skeptical,” Santos told Vegas Insider.

“Something about it didn’t seem right – the level of how bad it looked. I know you can still get COVID if you’re double vaccinated, but it didn’t seem right.

“Maybe he realized we were taking the fight seriously. I don’t know.

“As far as I know, their side didn’t try to jump out and reschedule as others have. So yeah, I’m a little skeptical.

“I think he thought: ‘what I have got myself into’ – he even posted this. We were going in there to give him a very good boxing match.

“We were ready. If the man does have COVID, then I wish him a good recovery. I’m just mildly skeptical,” he added.

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