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Timothy Bradley ‘seriously wishes’ Oscar Valdez is ‘knocked the hell out’

Former world champion Timothy Bradley didn’t hold back in his assessment of Oscar Valdez and the infamous Phentermine drug test.

Despite flagging for the substance, Valdez was given a pass and will still face Robson Conceicao this weekend in a WBC title defense.

The super-featherweight ruler protested his innocence but was given twelve months probation by the World Boxing Council.

Discussing the situation on the ESPN State of Play, Bradley aired strong words in the direction of the Eddy Reynoso-trained fighter.

“I wish [Robson Conceicao] knocks [Oscar Valdez] the hell out,” Bradley said. “That’s what I hope. I hope for a miracle.

“If this fight goes on, if nothing changes, I hope he gets knocked out, seriously.”

In a later back-and-forth with Rachel Donaire, Bradley pointed out that Valdez’s excuse of ‘herbal tea’ is invalid anyway.

“As a professional athlete, it is your responsibility to know exactly what you are putting in your body. In or out of competition. I was enrolled in Vada Testing,” he stated,”

“I actually paid for it on my own and made sure I always disclosed to them what I was taking as well as contracted with the USANA, who guaranteed me compensation if I ever tested positive.

That’s my point and why I don’t think there should be an “ I didn’t know.” It’s as simple as sending an email or making a call to check. It’s part of your job and having integrity.”

Timothy Bradley ESPN


Bradley added his disappointment in the direction of Valdez on the ESPN taping.

“And I’m a fan of Oscar Valdez. I am. This hurts me. I’m really hurt by this.

“I went on national TV, on live TV, and said that this guy is now my hero after he defeated Berchelt.

“I’m sick to my stomach about this situation. I think that whether it’s from the tea or not or whatever it is, nobody cares about that.

“You tested positive. Everybody can think whatever the heck they want to think, and I’m thinking that you’re dirty, my friend. That’s just it. I’m done.”

Valdez vs. Conceicao is due to go down in a few days. Conceicao still has time to pull out of the fight if he has any concerns whatsoever.

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