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Home » Floyd Mayweather overlooked, Oscar De La Hoya “best boxer of all-time”

Floyd Mayweather overlooked, Oscar De La Hoya “best boxer of all-time”

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According to Oscar De La Hoya’s next opponent, Floyd Mayweather is not the best boxer of all time – the Golden Boy promoter is instead.

Mayweather, who beat De La Hoya in 2007, claims “The Best Ever” tag, but not according to UFC legend Vitor Belfort.

The MMA star, preparing to fight De La Hoya in a comeback on September 11th, believes his forthcoming foe is the only man who can take that label.

“It’s an honor to fight the best boxer of all time,” stated Belfort. “Striking has always been my A-game in MMA.

“When I was 20-years-old I was looking to do both at the same time, but I couldn’t, however now I can box with Triller Fight Club.

“For me, boxing has always been my favorite martial art of all time.

“This fight is different from the other ones taking place. I have the most knockouts in UFC history, and Oscar is the greatest boxer of all time. It’s a true matchup of the most talented.”

On his return at 44, Belfort added: “Triller Fight Club has truly opened a new world with their events. I’m thrilled to be part of it.

“I challenge any MMA champion to fight me at Triller Fight Club.

“Sometimes, it can be hard to stay relevant. But this fight with Oscar De La Hoya at Triller Fight Club absolutely keeps me relevant.

“I’m very happy with the way this fight with Oscar De La Hoya came about. The way Triller Fight Club conducts business. It’s going to be a special night at LEGENDS II.

“I trust what Triller Fight Club is doing. We’re looking to make fights that make sense and have a legacy behind them.”

Oscar De La Hoya Vitor Belfort
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Already linked to some of the biggest names past and present, Belfort refuses to overlook De La Hoya after the high praise.

“Right now, I have Oscar in my sights, and that’s the only fighter I’m thinking about. After I beat him, we can talk about my next opponent.

“Against Oscar, I think the fight plays out with me working through him and looking for the knockout. This is one of the toughest opponents of my career, and I can’t look past him to other fights.”

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