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Gacha. Why are “internal casinos” often banned?

The gambling business has always been and will be renowned all over the world. For owners of establishments, this is an opportunity to make money for their clients, and for visitors, it is an opportunity to feel excitement, adrenaline and even test their task. But domestic and underground illegal casinos are very often banned. 

What is Gacha

Gacha and games like it appeared in Japan much earlier than they spread around the world. So, the first of them began to be noticed back in 2004. They successfully developed until 2012. Then a vivid law was adjusted against each company due to the many outrages of customers and users. However, a more sophisticated version of the gacha called “Complete Gacha” existed until 2012. Imagine that you want a rare card, but to get this card, you need to draw 4-5 other rare cards, and only after that you could get the main prize. There were reports of people spending thousands of dollars to complete the recruitment (statistics said that some adults spent $ 50,000 in two months). 

Because of this big scandal, all companies suffered, and their reputation was spoiled. As a result, stock prices fell sharply by as much as $ 3.8 billion. It has been called a “gacha company shock” due to the enormous effect of the ban on the stock market.

Why underground casinos are dangerous

Gambling is a very profitable business, and it is illegal in most countries. The casino always wins because the money of the rest of the players covers even the abounding jackpots. It is the losers who bring the main reward to such places. Gambling addicts sell everything and even have large debts to gamble again.

Coming to such establishments again, addicted people under the influence of excitement and emotions continue to tempt fate, play cards, and roulette. It is not for nothing that many casinos do not have windows and clocks, so the client loses the sense of time.

Popular “internal casinos”

Often, such situations end up rather badly, and their initiators are responsible for their misconduct to the fullest extent.

On the other hand, Alphonse Gabriel Capone himself could envy the ideas of some criminal schemes that occur today, especially when it comes to gambling. However, a number of clandestine and illegal casinos around the world continue to operate. Among them are the following:

  • Atelier in the USA. In October 2020, police in the California city of San Diego discovered an underground casino right in one of the shopping centers. Law enforcement agencies confirmed the presence of slot machines hidden in one of the ateliers.

The criminals also stored drugs and a small amount of cash there. The store was called KT Alterations & Gifts and, according to the FBI, during one of the raids, it found 16 slot machines, drugs, methamphetamine pipes, and about $ 1,700 hidden in a drywall wall.

  • Cheese shop in Spain. This well-known story took place in one of the grocery stores in the Spanish city of Alicante. The police found an illegal poker room that was hidden right behind a glass of wine and cheese. A display case on the wall led to a secret door and a secret room. Cash and cocaine were also found there. The organizer of such a business violated the law on private poker games that are taboo in Spain. But also the isolation rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Mansion in Canada. The Canadian police were even more “lucky”: they exposed an entire palace with a total area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters, which was an illegal gambling house..

This illegal establishment also functioned during the COVID-19 pandemic, while licensed casinos had to remain closed. An underground casino with gaming tables and slot machines was in the basement. And there was nothing out of the ordinary at the top of the house. Among other things, law enforcement officers found a full-fledged spa, 10 million Canadian dollars, firearms and alcohol in an illegal casino. The mansion also had shark fins, from which soup was cooked.

  • London Spiels. In addition to many tourist attractions, London is known for its expensive casinos, where gamers play legally. However, in less prosperous parts of the city, so-called “spills” are usually – illegal gambling establishments targeting criminals and other marginalized segments of the population.

The word “Spiel” in English borrows from German, and it means “game.” The history of London “Spiels” stretches back to the beginning of the 20th century. As a rule, such illegal establishments are placed in inconspicuous alleys, offices, and cafes of the British capital. The owners of some “spills” even manage to advertise their services and evade prosecution because their guilt is difficult to prove.


Thus, using the example of Gacha, you can see that such games and casinos often entail enormous spending of clients’ money with a few chances of winning something worthwhile. It is all of the excitement, forgetting about control and emotions, people begin to spend money and try to earn “easy money,” eventually losing everything. That is why indoor and underground casinos are very often banned. If you are tired of ordinary casinos, you can always try your luck and relax in the IGT free games online. Here you will definitely not get bored and experience new emotions.