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Comparing Top Boxing Betting Types

Boxing is one of the most-watched sports on the planet. Not only that but wagering on boxing has become a rather popular activity, particularly at online betting platforms. 

The best part about it is that there are plenty of betting options at your disposal, especially at specific boxing betting sites. Round betting, method of victory, winner, and whether the fight will go to the distance are just a few of the types that you can come across at most sportsbooks. 

With that being said, we wanted to give you an insight into the boxing betting markets

Round Betting 

The first boxing bet type that we are going to cover is round betting. As the name of the category suggests, these boxing bets specify in which round will the boxing matches end. There are a couple of options here. 

At online sportsbooks, you can bet on the boxing matches finishing in a specific round, the group of rounds in which you think the fight will end, over/under, etc. 

The first type states the exact round in which the fight will end. Group round allows you to select a specific timeframe in which the fight will end. At the same time, the over/under bet on boxing states whether the fight will finish under a particular number of rounds or over.

Boxing Match Winner

Next up, we have the simplest type of betting on boxing events. This type of betting on boxing is straightforward – you just wager on the fighter you think will win the fight. When betting online, the fighters are usually marked with 1 and 2, and you choose your winner. 

The odds depend on whether the fighter is considered a favourite or not. For example, back in the day, every boxing event that had Floyd Mayweather had low boxing betting odds on Floyd because he was one of the most dominating fighters.

Method of Victory 

The next type of wagering on boxing online is the method of victory. If you plan to place this type in a boxing sportsbook, you must know that this requires a bit of research. 

In this combat sport, each fighter has a different style – some of them are knockout artists, some want the fight to go the distance, etc. Several events can take place. 

So, the available options at the best boxing betting apps for the method of victory include a knockout, technical knockout, doctor stoppage, a fighter being disqualified, etc. 

These types require you to study the fighters and see how well they do against opponents of a specific style. Then, you can find an online sportsbook that has the best odds and place your wager. 

Prop Bets

This is a rather exciting bet that you can place at an online sportsbook. Proposition bets are likely to have the best boxing odds at both domestic and offshore sportsbooks. In layman’s terms, when placing these types of boxing bets, you are betting on the likelihood of a specific scenario taking place during the fight. 

Will the Fight Go to the Distance? 

The next type of betting on boxing is wagering on the possibility of the fight going to the distance. This is also a bet in which you must do some research. Check whether the fighters have good chins, solid stamina and whether they are distance fighters or not, etc. This type of information can help you determine whether to place this bet type at one of your personal best betting platforms. 

Gone in 60 Seconds

Gone in 60 Seconds is another interesting bet type. This is in-play boxing betting in which you have two options – Yes and No. These are answers to the question of whether the fight will end in the next 60 seconds. 

In-Round Bets

In-round bets are also live betting types which you can place after the bell in a specific round of rings. This type of betting is only available if you wager online, and it can apply to other sports, such as MMA. You are placing bets on various scenarios taking place in that particular round. 

Double Chance Boxing Bets

Online betting on box provides you with the chance to place two types of betting options into one. This type is called double chance. With double chance, you are wagering on a particular fighter to win; but you are also wagering on the method of victory. If you wish to include better odds in your ticket, this is a solid bet type, especially if you plan to use it in big fights. 

Why Choose Online Sports Betting? 

By recommended sites, we mean online betting. The main reason why you should bet online is that online sportsbooks are far superior to land-based sportsbooks. Below, we’ve listed some of the advantages that they boast. 

You Can Claim Bonuses and Promotions

Most one deposit casinos and sportsbooks provide registered players with tons of bonuses and promotions, such as Free Bets, cashback, match deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, etc. Of course, these bonuses come with terms and conditions, especially when it comes to a Free Bet, but the main point is that they can boost your winnings. 

Huge Market Coverage

As you noticed, many of the betting types that we just mentioned are only featured at an online betting platform. The betting market is vast, and that means that you will have a lot of flexibility in your choices as you will be able to bet on pretty much every boxing match and have numerous bets at your disposal. That includes round group betting, moneyline betting, and parlay bets. 

24/7 Availability 

Next up, online betting platforms are at your disposal 24/7. You can access them at any time and place. What’s even more impressive is that they utilize the latest HTML5 technology, meaning that you can place bets on your desktop, but mobile betting is also an option. 

Numerous Payment Methods are Featured at the Best Boxing Betting Sites

The most reputable platforms have a variety of payment methods to choose from. You can pick between credit and debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, AstroPay, Neosurf, Trustly, and more. Each transaction is safe and fast. 

Impeccable Security

Lastly, every online platform of this character utilizes an AI system called SSL-encryption software. It encrypts the data sent between the player and the casino and keeps players out of harm’s way; thus, allowing them to have the best betting experience. 

Comparing Boxing Betting Types – Conclusion

When comparing the types, it all comes to what type of bettor you are. If you are a beginner, then you are much better off placing simpler bets. But, if you are an experienced one and contain a lot of knowledge, then choosing more complex bets shouldn’t be a problem.