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Home » Manny Pacquiao continues recovery as wife Jinkee spoon-feeds

Manny Pacquiao continues recovery as wife Jinkee spoon-feeds

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Manny Pacquiao continued his recovery from a grueling defeat to Yordenis Ugas with his wife Jinkee by his side, spoon-feeding him.

Looking beaten and bruised, Pacquiao will be a while away from pain-free after a hard twelve-round fight.

Jinkee is doing what any loving partner would do for their spouse as Pacquiao contemplates his next move.

Yordenis Ugas may have put the final seal on a legendary career for the Filipino Senator. However, as Jinkee explained, he will always have her love.

Jinkee Pacquiao spoon-feeds Manny Pacquiao

“Marriage is a unique, fragile bond between a man and a woman. It is unique in that no other relationship between man and a woman allows them to become one,” said Jinkee.

“If a couple keeps the romance alive in their marriage, the temptation to look for someone else to meet their needs will be much less appealing.

“The boundaries of Marriage are to be honored and enjoyed (Proverbs 5:15-20). As this passage explains, a husband and wife can only find true fulfillment if they stay within the boundaries GOD has given them.

“Walk with God. As you cultivate and deepen your relationship with God, you will have the power, the will, and the resources to stand when temptation comes knocking.

“Walk with your spouse. Keep the romance and friendship alive in your marriage. Spend time together and be genuinely interested in one another’s lives. Treat your partner with respect.

“Don’t be an easy target for Satan’s arrows. Keep moving forward in your relationship with Christ and with your spouse.

“And lastly, Marriage is for companionship. (Proverbs 18:22)It is not just some simple agreement between two people. It is a unique blessing from God himself. Constantly cultivate your friendship.

“Tell your spouse how much you appreciate them. Most importantly, make time to pray and study the bible together to deepen your spiritual bond.

“Above all, remember that your husband or wife is a precious gift from the Lord.”

She added: “Just sharing! Blessings!”

Nothing to prove

Pacquiao could walk away and get remembered as one of the best fighters of his generation. He has nothing left to prove.

Ugas has respectfully offered a rematch, but that is highly unlikely to be accepted by the “Pacman”.

Even if he doesn’t fight professionally again, there’s always the circus of exhibitions. Conor McGregor will undoubtedly be hoping that is the case.

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