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Floyd Mayweather CEO airs Canelo gate numbers from 73k attendance

Floyd Mayweather CEO Leonard Ellerbe has aired his views on Canelo Alvarez’s numbers for his clash with Billy Joe Saunders in May.

A record 73,126 fans crammed into Texas during the pandemic. At the time, it got criticized as a super-spreader event.

As it turns out, Covid numbers remained steady during and after Canelo vs. Saunders until the Delta Variant arrived a few weeks later.

Nobody knows whether that event had anything to do with the current spread of the variant, which has since Texas cases skyrocket.

Nonetheless, back to Canelo’s numbers, Mayweather Promotions head Ellerbe enjoys swatting Floyd’s hate via his social accounts. This week is no different.

Canelo supporters gave Ellerbe their opinion regarding Mayweather’s win over the Mexican superstar in 2013. The comments came after Ellerbe stated Caleb Plant would beat the pound-for-pound king on November 6th.

Responding in his unique way, Ellerbe said: “Bruh! These MF’s HATE that Floyd beat him [Canelo]. I mean, they HATE it.

“I love it that it makes them soooooo mad. And then they hit you with, “I bet you he won’t beat him now. I got a few minutes today,” he joked.

Canelo Alvarez pound for pound Canelo vs Saunders
Ed Mulholland

That’s when the numbers came in when somebody mentioned the fact Canelo vs. Saunders was a record-breaker. Ellerbe then revealed the figures.

“For his unification title fight with over 73k fans in attendance, he did a little over nine million [dollars] at the live gate,” said Ellerbe.


Later, continuing his defense of Floyd Mayweather and repeating his Plant view, the TMT supremo added: “It was definitely one of Floyd’s easiest fights [against Canelo].

“I’m positive the only thing on Plant’s mind is beating Nelo [sic] in November. Not many are giving him a chance, and I can’t wait for him to shock the world!”

There’s no denying Floyd Mayweather is one of the best fighters to ever lace on a pair of gloves. But his polarisation of the boxing community is firmly part of what made him a sellable commodity.

Ellerbe would admit that a large portion of Mayweather Pay Per View subscribers tuned in to see if he lost. Sadly for them, it never happened.

To this day, Floyd Mayweather remains one of the hottest topics in the sport of boxing.

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