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Home » Triller boss will keep “shaking s*** up” after David Haye vs Joe Fournier

Triller boss will keep “shaking s*** up” after David Haye vs Joe Fournier

When David Haye vs. Joe Fournier got first announced, Triller certainly raised eyebrows regarding a former heavyweight champion versus a super middleweight entrepreneur.

It made a lot of people think, “who could make this s*** up?” – Well, step forward, Triller boss Ryan Kavanaugh who is proud as punch.

Not only did he make it up and bring it to reality, but he’s vowed that he “will keep shaking s*** up until it’s perfect.

“And given that achieving a perfect show is virtually impossible, we will always just be shaking s*** up,” said the co-founder.

The question is, who would want to see David Haye vs. Joe Fournier? – If you ask the everyday boxing fan, most wouldn’t know one or the other, dependent on who you asked.

If you asked any knowledgable pugilistic fight freak, they’d tell you that the pair are firm friends, and facing each other makes no logical sense.

They’ve worked together in the gym for years. Now, unless there’s been a huge falling out we are unaware of, there’s no real fight to speak of right now.

Haye is 40, way over the hill and far away. But he was that before he faced Tony Bellew in a Pay Per View double bluff.

Nonetheless, “The Hayemaker” is back and ready to test out the Achilles he smashed to pieces against his British rival before retirement.

It could be car crash viewing against a money-making business person who has taken shots for facing absolutely nobody during a pro career that has been laughable at best.

Suddenly, Fournier then turned up in the World Boxing Association rankings, and instant doubts crept into the credibility of the happening.

Since then, the WBA removed Fournier, even though he never lost. A clear indication of a reaction purely down to criticism. A bit like they are doing now with the title situation.

David Haye Joe Fournier


Whatever the validity of Fournier the boxer is, going up against Haye is questionable at best ahead of their meeting on September 11th.

We’d have to see how it plays out before we can fully comment. But considering we won’t be watching, we’ll have to take purchasers’ word for it on the night.

Top of the bill sees a 48-year-old Oscar De La Hoya returning in a fight any sane sanctioning body would scoff at in normal circumstances. But somehow, it’s been accepted as a fully-fledged pro bout. Not by us, though.

Hey, that’s the boxing world we live in now. It’s full of these kinds of shenanigans. Until the demand drops, we are going to be stuck with it.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.