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Boxing Nutrition: Nine rules to follow

By Dr. Philip Goglia gives his expert view on what rules to follow when it comes to boxing nutrition for the fighters.

1. Avoid foods that have multi-ingredients, such as breads, muffins, bagels, pastries, cereal, etc…Basically, any baked goods that include yeast, sugar, mold, and gluten.

2. Avoid diet foods that suggest low or no fat and/or low or no sugar.

3. Always try to properly hydrate your body. You should be drinking 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce of water per each lb. you weigh DAILY.

4. While each person’s metabolic body type is different, across the board, for a healthy diet, you should eat high fat fish, 1-ingredient STARCHY CARBOHYDRATES LIKE POTATOES, RICE, YAMS, SWEET POTATO or WRAPS carbohydrates, organic poultry, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables.

5. Try to eliminate as much dairy from your diet as possible. A splash of milk in your coffee is okay though!

6. Never rely on supplementation over food and exercise. SUPPLEMENTS NO MATTER WHAT TYPE, IT WON’T FIX A PIZZA OR A SKIPPED MEAL.

7. The biggest protein meal you eat should be at night. This is when your body has time to rest and repair your muscle tissue.

8. Looking for a great pre work out snack? Eat raw NUTS LIKE 12 ALMONDS COUPLED WITH A PIECE OF FRUIT …a great source of fat as an energy source…and pair it with fresh fruit. The sugar and fat combination will be extremely energizing and sustainable for a workout of 90 minutes or less.

9. Avoid sports drinks. Many of them are high in sodium and sugar… even some containing caffeine, which will cause digestive discomfort. The type of energy you get from sports drinks will be “spikey” at best and not sustainable.