David Haye Set For Spectacular Boxing Return

David Haye

Mark Robinson

When a boxer says they are retired from the fight game, there is a sense that they never really step away from the sport which is better known as the sweet science and with a number of legends returning to the ring in recent times, it is a trend which is now set to continue further.

A trend that will see David Haye lace up his gloves once again and although the former heavyweight champion announced his own departure from the sport in 2018, the lure of the ring has seemingly become too strong for the Brit to resist.

That’s because in a recent press conference, Haye announced his somewhat shocking return to the world of boxing and with a fight scheduled for September 11th of this year, the comeback trail is not all that far away for the 40-year-old.

With a fight record of 28-4 to his name, Haye is not necessarily a slouch when it comes to matters in the ring and although his last two fights ended in defeat to compatriot Tony Bellew, the Bermondsey born fighter will now be looking for an element of sporting redemption.

Redemption that Haye hopes will appear in Los Angeles this September and with the famous Staples Center playing host to the fight in question, the next question is just who will play the role of Haye’s opponent.

The answer to that is another British boxer and although he may share a nationality with the one-time WBA heavyweight king, he arguably possesses nowhere near the same amount of pugilistic credentials.

The man in question is none other than Joe Fournier and for those who perhaps take a passing interest in the sport, there is every chance that his current career has passed you by – that is unless you are a following of the new YouTube boxing craze.

With Fournier being better known for his business acumen rather than his sporting prowess, the 38-year-old found himself on the undercard of the recent YouTuber fight and in doing so, got the better of Colombian rapper Reykon.

That victory for Fournier took his overall fight record to 9-0 (with one win being converted to a No Contest after a subsequent drug failure) and although the numbers do not lie in terms of wins and losses, the calibre of opponent can be considered rather questionable.

Which makes one wonder whether this is nothing more than a tune-up event for the returning Haye and if he gets the better of his future foe as expected, this will only serve to pad out his own career record further.

While with a comeback on the horizon, there will certainly be interest from punters looking to make a quick buck or two and there will be plenty of sports betting sites ready to take bets on the outcome of the fight.

The outcome that should see a man with a far greater fighting pedigree ease to a relatively easy win and with Fournier acting as nothing more than cannon fodder, it arguably puts his opponent in something of a difficult position.

Because if the fight plan is executed to the nth degree, observers will state that this was nothing more than a routine win for Haye and they may struggle to be largely impressed both at ringside and on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

While should there be something of a shock victory for the Fournier, it will only serve to ask just why a return by Haye was a good idea and the legacy that he already has been dented over the past couple years, would only end up being further damaged.

However, try telling any boxer that their time is up, and it is a statement that they will pretend not to hear and once they get the bug from competing in this incredible sport, it is one that is incredibly hard to totally clear from your system.

Which is why a man who had spinal surgery in 2015 is set to risk life and limb once again and if he does pick up a 29th career victory along the way, he may well start to become a voice in the heavyweight title conversation.

A conversation that is currently being dominated by another British duo and with Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury still waiting to lock horns together, their plans could be curtailed by the emergence of another Great Brit.

Of course, David Haye will need to learn to walk before he can in figurative boxing terms and if he can run past the efforts of Joe Fournier, it will at least offer him the prospect of higher calibre opponents and who knows, 2022 may just offer him the prospect of a shot at heavyweight gold.