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YouTube boxer the savior of the sport or the biggest casual fan of them all?

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World Boxing News – As credit gets poured over a particular YouTube boxer these days for potentially being a “savior” of the sport, boxing is moving into the second phase of the internet boom.

The man WBN won’t mention since he’s not a professional pugilist is quickly becoming even more of a laughing stock than he was when he first tried his hand at punching people in the face for a living.


Several statements with the media who give him the time of day for fear of missing out on clicks from the TikTok generation are proof enough that the YouTuber himself is the biggest casual of them all.

Calling out Canelo Alvarez is the first mistake. I take that back. It’s the worst mistake he could make. It proves his knowledge of boxing is highly limited because he believes he could compete with that caliber of opponent.

Now, this isn’t a personal attack or a mission for notoriety. If I wanted that, I’d mention the name and get the search engine boost everyone else is clamoring for these days.

I have no problem with the YouTuber in question or his brother. They can do what they like and good luck to them. Get that money if there’s on a plate.

My issue has always been the professional aspect of it versus the opponents they face. They can’t call themselves “professional boxers” – if they don’t meet professional boxers.

It’s that simple.


Take a chess player, for instance. He can’t move over to checkers, fight a chess player and then call himself a professional checkers player. It just doesn’t work like that.

But then they say he’s great for the casual fans and bring new eyes to the sport. Yes, he does – for one night only.

No sooner as the final bell goes on his fight, all the people he “brought to the sport” disappear again until the next time he fights.

The truth is, they have zero interest in who Jermall Charlo or Dmitry Bivol will be facing in their next bouts.

It’s a sad fact when top names in world boxing news media and TV – who once held a mass of respect with the die-hards – promote someone who hasn’t earned the platform given.

Money is the primary driver in this run. Make no mistake about that. What irks the true boxing fans are his unfathomable statements without any interest in facing anyone who would threaten him.

I’d go so far as to say any professional light-heavyweight with the same amount of ring time under his belt would take the pretender out in a round – if he went for it.


And that’s got to be a factor in this. These MMA fighters know a multi-million dollar payday is on the table for them, something more than likely way beyond what they’ve earned before.

If any of them did paste this guy all over the canvas, the next outweighed over-the-hill MMA fighter in line wouldn’t get his check. That’s how much of a farce it’s all become.

In conclusion, I don’t wish any harm on the YouTuber and will probably never get the chance to see if he could cut it as a pro boxer. All I’m after is a bit of realism of his level.

To be pushing Canelo’s name out of your mouth is merely disrespect. Know your lane and stay it in. You’d get far more respect from the true boxing fans if you did that.

Lose the professional tag, call your fights exhibitions – as they are. And give the sport a real go once the money and interest run out – which they will.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.