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Home » World’s oldest boxer Steve Ward wins title six days before 65th birthday

World’s oldest boxer Steve Ward wins title six days before 65th birthday

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Steve Ward, who holds the honor of being the world’s oldest boxer to be active, claimed another victory over the weekend as he continues to defy his age.

The Nottingham man turns 65 this week, but at the grand old age of 64, he fought on Friday 6th August. The headlining event happened just six days before his 65th birthday.

Competing at Mansfield Rugby Club, Ward won a “Legends Gold” title and immediately announced his retirement from boxing.

Ward scored a first-round knockout in what intends to be a newly-created league for the older competitors.

The fight was sanctioned in the UK [but not by the British Boxing Board of Control] and will not appear on Ward’s official BoxRec record, which officially ended in 2015.

But on the UK circuit, Ward’s achievements are recognized. However, there’s a dispute as to whether he is the oldest active fighter to date.

Steve Ward oldest boxer

Steve Ward


Even though the bout was scheduled over 8 x 3-minute rounds [due to his age] and was for cruiserweight belt created for the older gentleman of the sport, Albert Hughes Jr. claims to have topped Ward’s record by fighting at 70 in 2019.

At the time, Steve contested that record to WBN as there were apparent shenanigans at play. For WBN’s money, Ward holds that record.

To prove it, he came out with determination. Ward put his opponent down three times in the first round. His victim, Romanian Adrian Parlogea, was subsequently counted out at the third knockdown.

Steve Ward oldest boxer

Steve Ward

It was a timely return for Ward after being let down and scammed for the boxing at sea event that should have taken place in May.

Ward overcome the controversy and upset it caused him and was determined to win.

In doing so, Ward lost 3st 1lb to get down from heavyweight to cruiserweight to fight Adrian, weighing in at 13st 7lb.

A fitting final chapter for Ward, who made his boxing debut with a points win way back in 1977.