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Home » World champion urges World Boxing Association to address judge’s racism

World champion urges World Boxing Association to address judge’s racism

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World Boxing Association President Gilberto Mendoza is getting inundated with responses following a tame reaction to a judging robbery.

Mendoza stated a “review” and “immediate rematch” could result from one of the most blatant robberies in recent memory.

Mykal Fox ultimately won a decision against Gabriel Maestre on FOX this past Saturday. However, three WBA-appointed judges carded to 3-0 Maestre.

One judge, Gloria Martinez Rizzo, carded so vast for Maestre [10-2], even with a knockdown against him, that it was abundantly evident something was fishy.

Further delving into Rizzo saw shocking racist tweets uncovered on her Twitter account, which the 2019 WBA Female Judge of the Year subsequently deleted.

Fans awaited a harsh ruling from Mendoza over the racism but were sadly disappointed.

Almost twenty-four hours on from Fox getting swindled out of a welterweight triumph, Mendoza issued his actions. He seemed to unfathomably pass the buck onto the Minnesota Commission.

Ex-ESPN correspondent Jaime Motta aired his views on Mendoza’s hollow plan.

“There needs to be more than just a review! This was plain wrong, and it keeps on happening during WBA fights!

“It needs to stop immediately, and those judges need to be suspended or let go!”

Joel De La Hoya, brother of eleven-time world champion Oscar, added: “Immediate rematch? Yeah, that only means more sanction fees and/or appeal fees (if not waived) and no guarantee of a win for Fox.

“For starters, how about doing the prudent thing and reversing decision?”

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The fallout gets worse for the WBA, though. Their unwillingness to address racism at a time when tension is heightened around the world.

Facing some accusations on social media WBN would not like to repeat, the WBA and Mendoza are urged to clean house.

One man who made his feelings known in the right way was WBO champion, Jamel Herring.

The super-featherweight ruler wants something done about Rizzo’s tweets, including labeling ex-First Lady Michelle Obama “Monkey Face” and stating the co-founder of Black Lives Matter should be killed.

Herring said: “Mr. @GilberticoWBA, for the sake of our sport, we have to do what’s right. Not only for the people who support us but the men and women who put it all on the line, in that ring.”

All we need now is some acknowledgment from Mendoza that the racist from Rizzo exists and will be dealt with. All evidence of the account’s activities was sent to Mendoza by WBN last Sunday.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.