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Why Online Casinos Want to Sponsor and Host Boxing Events?

The online casino logos on the t-shirts of sports teams have long been a usual thing for fans around the world. Almost every boxing tournament has individual athletes sponsored by online casinos. Those promotional activities have spread not only among boxers and soccer players but also in professional leagues and international competitions. 

The online casino market is growing rapidly every year and gambling operators are spending huge amounts of money to promote their brands. Of course, they also invest a lot in the development of athletes and sports in general. Also, in this article, we will talk about how such companies benefit from these partnerships.

1. Casinos Attract New Visitors

Obviously, gambling websites are inextricably linked to the betting industry and various sporting events. You might have seen a casino logo or a famous bookmaker’s name on banners, boxing rings, and t-shirts of your favorite athletes. First of all, such activities are crucial to attracting new fans. All the operators are interested in increasing their audience. Moreover, it is precisely the fans of sports and gambling who watch boxing matches. Quite often, after just one sponsorship contract the number of visitors at casinos boosts several times. Today, as the online gambling market increased its influence as well, the newest online casinos and sportsbooks take active participation in sponsoring boxers or events.

Bookmakers seek to promote their brands and ensure a stable income — they sign contracts with numerous boxers and best tournaments. In addition, thanks to the sponsorship of boxing fights, online casinos can earn significant fortunes by selling streaming access. Every person that watches a fight at an online casino website can also get interested in a variety of games: slots, poker, blackjack and etc. Thus, the casino gets new customers once again. 

2. Casinos Improve Their Reputation

Note that modern gamblers can find numerous best paying online casinos in Australia or any other countries and start winning real money. Most of such websites fight for every new gambler and do their best to stay more popular than their competitors do. And a great way to stand out from the crowd is to sponsor a famous athlete or boxing tournament. It is more likely that gamblers will play in a well-known online casino than at a no-name website. For this reason, many gambling operators compete for the opportunity to sponsor boxing fights as well.     

3. Casinos Support Sports

It is not always the case that online casinos are only concerned with making money and advertising their business. Big companies already make excellent profits and sometimes do not even need any marketing. In such situations, the owners of websites start charitable activities and try to develop the sports industry. They support various boxing schools, amateur, and professional fights, as well as tournaments in poor countries. Thus, online gambling sites are doing a good thing and promote their brand.  

It should also be stressed that modern sports events have plenty of different sponsors. Usually, sports fans do not pay much attention to them at all. It is also very difficult to see small banners and logos on uniforms during broadcasts. Only viewers may notice the commercials of the main sponsor during the breaks. Online casinos understand this but continue to support the boxing industry.


There is no point in denying the fact that sport sponsorships have evolved significantly over the past decades. What was once just a marketing trick to raise sports fans’ awareness of gambling websites has turned into a sophisticated business strategy. Indeed, the sponsorship-based business became so lucrative that it has even caught the attention of gambling websites and real casinos that already have significant annual revenues. Today, such sponsorship activities are beneficial both to the casinos and to the sports industry in general.