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Home » Heavyweight Fabio Wardley blasts out Nick Webb in one, improves to 12-0

Heavyweight Fabio Wardley blasts out Nick Webb in one, improves to 12-0

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Fast-rising Ipswich prospect Fabio Wardley wasted no time. He blasted out Nick Webb inside the opening round to retain his English Heavyweight Title and improve his unblemished record to 12-0 (11 KOs).

Surrey fighter Webb made a decent start to the fight, catching Wardley with some punishing shots, but a brief moment of carelessness allowed Wardley to make his impact.

The 26-year-old hurt Webb and once he realized that, he unloaded a barrage of hurtful shots forcing the referee to halt the fight.

“It was a big one for me because this was a good test,” Wardley told Matchroom. “He was coming off a good win, and we had to make a bit of an impact, make a bit of a statement.

“Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the cleanest performance, but sometimes you’ve just got to grit these out and get it done. I proved the difference.

“I proved that I could take a shot and keep moving as I proved against Molina. You can hit me, and I’ll still come back at you with full force. He caught me a few times, but it doesn’t faze me, I keep moving, and I’ll move to take you out.

“I wasn’t going to let him off the hook. That’s something that we’ve been building on, that killer instinct – to notice and pay attention to when you’ve got someone going. I think in my last few fights, I’ve been getting that going. When I hit someone and see that little chink in their armor, I’m going in, and I’m getting the kill.

“I respect every fighter that’s ever stepped in the ring because it’s a dangerous sport. Anything can happen. But I had to do what I did to get Nick in the ring in the first place because I’ve been chasing Nick for a year.

“I had to switch up my approach and go for the more aggressive stance and call him out and call him a few names. It’s all for the love of the sport at the end of the day. I respect everyone that gets in there.

Fabio Wardley

Ian Walton

“I think I’ve made the most out of every opportunity that’s been put in front of me. I’ve never said no to an opportunity that Ed has given me.

“I’m becoming increasingly difficult to match because I, Dill, and the team don’t say no. If you want to meet me in the ring I’m happy to go there, let’s go.

“It feels like a dream. It feels like a weird rollercoaster, and I’m just running with it. I’m just loving what I’m doing, and I’m staying focused.

“I’ve won the English, and I’ve defended it; I think that’s me done with it now. Moving forwards for the British, Commonwealth, European – those types of belts are what I’ve got my eyes set on next, and obviously, Joe (Joyce) is holding onto them.

“He’s going to be moving on. He’s trying to move to that world level, and he’s going to want to drop them sooner or later. I’ll be there ready and waiting.”