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Home » Ebanie Bridges not holding breath for world title rematch after UK triumph

Ebanie Bridges not holding breath for world title rematch after UK triumph

Popular Australian Ebanie Bridges returned to winning ways by stopping Bec Connolly in three rounds. Bridges found a superb right hand to floor the Swindon fighter, and when a further attack followed once Connolly was back on her feet, the referee made a sensible intervention.

“To be back here in the UK and to win and get my hand raised is amazing,” Bridges told DAZN. “Last time, I was unlucky, although I still got a good reception.

“It was good to get in here and get my hand raised for my fans. I had a few people here supporting me, so shout out to everyone that came.

“I saw you there with your Aussie flags, and I appreciate you. It feels great.

“Winning is what it’s all about. It’s all good having the fanbase and the social media presence, but if you’re not winning, it can only go so far.

“Winning is important. It feels good. She was more difficult in the sense she was holding and a bit rough on the inside. That was new for me. I’m not used to people holding.

“I thought I would finish it in the later rounds. I knew I would break her down. But I was aiming for her body for the first few rounds because I wanted to break her body down so I could open her up to the head, and that’s exactly what we did. That’s what our plan was.

“By the third round, I already had her hands dropping from going to the body, and then that’s why that right hand was landing. That’s the one that stopped it.

“Obviously, I want the rematch with ‘Shanny.’ That’s what everyone wants, not just me. I know I want it. The fans want it. I’m pretty sure Eddie Hearn wants it. The only one that doesn’t want it is her.

“Hopefully, she wants it, but then again, she’s on her journey, and I’ve got to focus on mine. I don’t hold my breath. The ball is in her court, and if she doesn’t take it, I suppose it looks a bit like she’s running.

“To all my fans and everyone that supported me tonight – I hope you enjoyed it. I love being back in the UK, and I love being on DAZN. It’s a great platform as well with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom, so a big thank you to them. This is just the comeback.”

Also on the bill, Oldham prospect Aqib Fiaz advanced his record to 7-0 as he defeated Spain’s Kevin Baldospino on points.

The 21-year-old was made to work hard, and that was reflected in the 77-76 scorecard.

“I’m just glad to be back after such a long layoff,” Fiaz told Matchroom. “It’s good to get back in there and get the win. It wasn’t my best performance. But I got the win most importantly.

“It was emotional to get back in there, especially here as well. It meant a lot to me. I had to come in and do my job no matter what.

“It wasn’t my best performance. We’re going to go away and look at the mistakes I made. Then we’ll definitely work on them and be better next time.

“Even going into the last round, I felt I did enough to win. It was probably the right decision, yeah. He was a tough man. I hurt him a couple of times, and he stuck in there and dug in. Credit to him.

“I expected to be better than that, and I definitely am better than that. I need to be better than that. The fight didn’t go the way I wanted to.

“It’s about learning, and I feel like that’s a good learning fight. I’m definitely better than that. I just need activity. The more time I’m in the ring, the better I’ll be.

“I’ve had a lot going on, and my team has had my back. They’re like father figures to me. They’ve been there for me when I’ve been at my lowest.

“I’m here today because of them. Ten months is probably the longest layoff that I’ve ever had in my amateur career and pro. It’s good to be back, but let’s be back soon.”