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Home » Underdog versus non-boxer, Oscar De La Hoya aims for world title at 48

Underdog versus non-boxer, Oscar De La Hoya aims for world title at 48

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Promoter and six-weight world champion Oscar De La Hoya has targeted another world title victory, potentially at 49 next year.

Never one to shirk a challenge, De La Hoya has been mentioning big names in his future despite personal problems outside of the ring that will certainly affect his ability to compete.

De La Hoya embarks on a return to the pro ranks at 48, but the contest is actually against a non-boxer in Vitor Belfort. For this reason, winning a world championship of any kind is way off.

In a stunning turn of events, Belfort is even the favorite to win the fight.

This underdog tag hasn’t deterred De La Hoya from aiming for the stars in the coming months of his new career. The “Golden Boy” even has his eye on records held previously by George Foreman and business partner Bernard Hopkins.

Foreman and Hopkins are the two oldest champions of all time.

Asked by Fight Hub TV if he can win a world title, De La Hoya answered: “I believe so. The fact that George Foreman has done it, the fact that Bernard Hopkins has done it, maybe it’s my time.”

Oscar De La Hoya 2021

Putting out a video on social media of himself looking a little sluggish as he approaches fifty, the stark reality of what he’s attempting to do hasn’t yet dawned on De La Hoya.

He’s miles away from the likes of Gennadiy Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez, or Artur Beterbiev. There would be big fears for De La Hoya if he ever attempted to step inside the ropes with any of those top stars.


“I feel fast right now, freakin’ lighting fast,” De La Hoya pointed out. “I think that with this mental strength that I have now, with training smarter and my motivation just in life in general.

“It’s a different route that I’m taking. This route is much easier. Yes, it’s strenuous, it’s hard, it’s difficult for your body. It’s tough at 48, but it’s much easier.

“Why didn’t I figure it out a long time ago?”

A mild case of delusion seems to have swept over Oscar De La Hoya. Whether it’s some midlife crisis will only become apparent in time.

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