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Home » “Riddick Bowe vs Lamar Odom fight is a CRIME, stop it happening!”

“Riddick Bowe vs Lamar Odom fight is a CRIME, stop it happening!”

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe makes a shocking return to the ring later this month as the era of “exhibitions” sinks its lowest ever.

“Big Daddy” – who reigned as the lineal heavyweight champion from 1992 to 1993, has long been linked with a return to action.

Bowe has signed up to fight ex-basketball star Lamar Odom later this year in a fight that has polarized audiences – despite being in terrible shape.

With a massive weight differential in his last fight, Odom gets the gig on the back of pummeling a faded music star in Aaron Carter. At the time, Lou DiBella was dead against that event.

“This is just disgusting. Neither guy should be in a ring “fighting” under ANY circumstances,” said DiBella of Odom vs. Carter.

“Lamar has had twelve strokes and six heart attacks! Carter is an unathletic mess outweighed by 65 pounds. What the barbaric, repulsive, dangerous f— is this?”

Fast forward a mere few months, and Bowe vs. Odom got an even worse reaction from Hall of Famer Dibella. The pair were confirmed as trading blows this week.

Like anyone with a conscience in the sport, DiBella gave the decision to stage the event a roasting.

“This is a CRIME! Nothing short [of it],” pointed out DiBella.

“Shame on any company, jurisdiction, city, state, or COUNTRY that would allow this. Enough already!

“Even thinking about this is barbaric. We need to stop this from happening.”

The company involved is recruiting several “stars” in the public eye for their shows, mainly those with infamous tales to tell. Mainstream boxing is dead against doing the same with boxers who certainly shouldn’t ever get back in the ring due to health reasons.

“So bad, Lou,” said women’s boxing legend Jane Couch.

One-time IBF super-welterweight ruler Ishe Smith added: “Totally agree. I love Bowe and met him personally. He’s in no shape to be fighting.”

Riddick Bowe Heavyweight comeback


Bowe will be lucky to last a full three minutes inside the ropes in the state he is currently in, right now. Astonishingly, though, some “fans” of the fight are worrying about the safety of Odom.

Okay – a few years ago, Bowe would have been a problem for anyone. But these days, his mobility is vastly limited. It’s a sad story that he even needs to enter the ring again.

To charge Pay Per View for this is an insult to boxing. Let’s hope it gets called off.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.