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Home » Lovemore Ndou calls out Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Mundine for charity

Lovemore Ndou calls out Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Mundine for charity

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Anthony Mundine and Floyd Mayweather junior are on his hit list as former boxing world champion turned lawyer Lovemore Ndou considers a boxing return.

The Australian Hall of Fame inductee and author contemplates making a ring return to raise money for South Africa. 

Ndou’s move follows the recent violent riots and looting that have swept his home country over the past week.

“I’m doing it for a good cause, Lovemore said.

“I do not condone violence and looting, but having grown up in South Africa, I can clearly understand why people reacted the way they did. It had nothing to do with the Free-Zuma campaign. It all comes down to frustration.

“People are frustrated with a government that has failed them for over 26 years. 

“It’s clear that the African National Congress (“ANC”) no longer holds the key to South Africa’s future. 

“The party is divided, and as the 16th American President, Abraham Lincoln, once said, “a house divided cannot stand.”

“What is currently happening in South Africa has been a long time coming. It has been inevitable since Nelson Mandela stepped down from office. This is what happens when unqualified people run a country. The country is slowly descending into anarchy.

“What South Africa needs is a new party that stands for the people. A party that will listen to the people and stops making everything about race. A party that will provide people with equal opportunities. 

“History shows that African people are hard-working, and when provided with equal opportunities, they excel. They do not need free handouts.

“The worst thing that ever happened to South Africa was the introduction of the Black Economic Empowerment. The idea behind it was great, but in the end, only those in power benefitted. 

“It allowed them to taste a lifestyle that they were not used to, without having to work for it, so at the end, they had to steal from the public to maintain it. This led to corruption, which is not unique to South Africa but is tolerated and seen as a norm.

“The people are angry and starving; hence they are resorting to looting. Tough times call for tough measures.

“There are only two reasons why people are still voting for the ANC. The first is that it is the party that allowed them to taste freedom when it toppled the former racist regime in 1994. And for that reason only, the people remain loyal to it. 

“Secondly, there is currently no other better party to vote for, hence my argument that South Africa needs a new party that people can trust.

“History has proved that Africans make great liberators and freedom fighters but cannot run a country. “They run it down a drain. They destroy everything because of corruption and self-enrichment.

“The current situation (riots and looting) is disheartening, frustrating, and dispiriting. It is the last thing the country needs at a time like this when its economy needs revival during the Covid-19 pandemic. And unless we as people of the world assist, it will take years to rebuild and restore what has been destroyed. 

“For that reason, I am appealing to the world to pray for South Africa and lend a hand where possible.”

Ndou recently released his autobiography in South Africa entitled “TOUGH LOVE: How a Limpopo Homeboy Became a World Champ Turned Lawyer” and is in talks with his publisher over donating a percentage of proceeds towards the revival of the South African economy. 

“The money will go towards assisting all the businesspeople who lost their businesses during the looting,” added Ndou.

“And in return, this will allow those who lost their jobs to regain them.

“In addition, I intend to participate in several boxing exhibitions or even real fights to raise money towards this good cause. 

“I already have a promoter in Australia who is willing to make this happen. I’m prepared to put my health at risk and travel anywhere around the world to fight anyone to save my country of birth.

“I have been talking to Anthony ‘The Man’ Mundine, and he has indicated that he is willing to be a part of this great cause. 

“Mundine is well-known for his humanitarian work and standing up for indigenous people in Australia, and I respect the man for that.  

“I would say that is one thing we have in common. I play my part by providing pro bono legal services to indigenous people in Australia.

“An exhibition against Mundine could generate a lot of money. Mundine can keep whatever he makes out of it or donate to a charity of his choosing, including South Africa.

“But all my earnings will go towards reviving the South African economy. But knowing Mundine and his kindness, I doubt that he will also donate towards this good cause.

“Also on the radar are Floyd Mayweather, Jeff Horn, and Ricky Hatton. Floyd is about making money. We can do an exhibition or a real fight, and he can keep his money if he wants to. A few years ago, Mayweather traveled to South Africa, and he was treated like royalty. 

“He was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for just showing up.

“It is now time for him to return the favor. I will have my team reach out to his manager Al Haymon and see if we can put this fight/exhibition together. 

“I sparred Floyd in the past when I helped him prepare for his fight against Ricky Hatton, and surely he knows I will be a way better opponent than Connor McGregor or the YouTuber he fought on the last occasion. And based on his last performance, I might even beat him.

“In addition to that, South Africans and Australians have always supported America throughout its struggles. The Black Lives Movement, for example, following the death of George Floyd. 

“We stood together with our American brothers and sisters. We are now appealing for help in return. This is an opportunity for Floyd to do good for his brothers and sisters in Africa. He talks about being the G.O.A.T, so it’s time to prove it. Ali was the G.O.A.T, and he proved it by fighting in Zaire. I’m not asking Floyd to fight me in South Africa. We can do it anywhere in America. And I am not asking him to give his money to South Africa. All I am asking is for him to fight for a good cause and keep every dollar he makes.

“Ricky Hatton has recently been talking about a comeback. 

“We have unfinished business. In 2007 he relinquished the IBF light-welterweight world title to avoid fighting me. We can do an exhibition or have a real fight, and he stands to make a lot of money that he can keep and/or donate a percentage of it to South Africa if he wishes. 

“Hatton and I have styles that would make a great fight. It will be an action fight from start to finish.

“I am also setting up a ‘GoFundMe page for South Africa where the public can make donations.