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Home » Heavyweight JD Chapman, 30-0, continues comeback vs Terrell Woods

Heavyweight JD Chapman, 30-0, continues comeback vs Terrell Woods

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American Heavyweight Contender JD “The Natural” Chapman (30-0, 26 KO’s) continues his surprise comeback on July 31, 2021 when he takes on veteran gatekeeper Terrell Jamal Woods (24-49-9) at home, in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Woods recently had a draw with Russian heavyweight contender Alexander Ustinov (36-4) and is renown for testing top fighters, having taken to the distance former world champion Dominick Quinn, and top prospects such as Michael Hunter (21-1) any Nicholas Musterek (9-0).

JD “The Natural” Chapman (30-0), returned to Boxing on June 5, 2021, after a thirteen year layoff. At the time of his retirement, Chapman was ranked by just about every rating organizing and was considered one of America’s best chance at reclaiming the Heavyweight title. With his return, Chapman immediately became one of the most talked about heavyweight contenders.

Asked whether it is not too soon to fight such a dangerous opponent as Terrell Jamal Woods so early in his comeback, Chapman said with his usual humility, “Jamal Woods is tough and will be a good test for me as I’m rusty and nowhere close to where I used to be. However, if I can’t go through guys like Jamal, I might as well hang up my gloves and retire for good this time.”

Says his promoter Edward Mendy, “JD Chapman is the ‘Next Great American Hope.’ No offense to Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz, but no American heavyweight today has a better shot at the world title than Chapman Period.

“JD has the size, the power, the skills and the experience to take on any of the top five heavyweights today. I’m so pleased with his progress, I would gladly to put him up against any other top ten heavyweight today. But first, he has to pass the Wood test.”

Chapman’s next fight, July 31, 2021 fight Terrell Jamal Woods, will take place at the River Valley Combat Academy in Fort Smith, Arkansas.