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What Makes VIP Ringside Tickets Sought After

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VIP ringside tickets are easily some of the most sought after tickets in sport. You get treated like a celebrity, get a front-row seat to the action, and more often than not, there is a holiday or trip package attached to the ticket. 

There are also sometimes VIP Events that you can attend, meet and greets with boxers, and a plethora of different benefits attached to splashing the cash on one of these tickets. Here are some of those benefits. 


Obviously the biggest benefit when buying VIP ringside tickets is the fact that you have a front row seat to some of the biggest fights in the world. You don’t sit too far away in the stands, and you don’t have to watch the fight on TV. 

Tickets are also often given to “whales” who are at a particular casino when a fight is happening. Meaning, depending on how popular you are at a casino and how much money you are spending, you can end up just getting a ticket because you are at the right hotel at the right time. 

Travel Packages

More often than not, a VIP ticket will be part of, or gain you, a travel package. Take the second bout between Fury and Joshua for instance. The Luxor, MGM Grand Bellagio hotels were all offering very generous packages for VIP ticket buyers. 

These packages included return flights from Manchester or London, transfers, casino credit, a hotel room, time to explore Las Vegas, and basically a full holiday like a celebrity would have if they were going to the fight or to Las Vegas. 

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Another big draw would be the prospect of sharing a row or sitting next to the numerous celebrities that attend these huge fights. Everyone from movie stars, singers, rappers, other sportsmen, you are guaranteed to spot a number of famous faces at a boxing event in Las Vegas. 


People are very excited and once again drawn to the idea of rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. Sometimes you don’t just do it at the fight either. A VIP ticket may include an invite to exclusive parties before or after a fight. 


On the topic of exclusivity, it plays a major part in people deciding to spend that kind of money on a VIP ticket, because they aren’t cheap at all, and most people can’t afford them, but that is what makes them so sought after.


There are very few people who can say they sat ringside at a Floyd Mayweather or Tyson Fury fight. Even some of the biggest boxing fans in the world will go their whole lives without being able to sit ringside at a fight of their favorite boxer. 


Including the VIP treatment you get outside of the ring too, you have access to the very best a top hotel has to offer, credit for you to go wild at the casino, and for the few days you are there, you get the celebrity treatment. Once again, not something many people can say they experienced. 


If you can’t afford to buy a ringside seat, there is also the chance to win one. This once again adds to the appeal as you don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy the same benefits they do, you can just win one. 


Many betting websites or casinos offer VIP tickets a prize for something, whether it be betting on a certain event or playing a certain game, you get entered into the draw with the chance to win a VIP ticket. 


This allows for many more people to get the chance to get their hands on a ticket, and not have to be someone who has the money available or is a whale at one of the big Vegas hotels or casinos. 


The reason ringside tickets are so sought after is actually quite obvious. The chance to see one or two of the biggest fighters in the world slugging it out while you sit a few feet away is appealing to both boxing lovers and casual watchers of the sport. 


The packages attached to VIP tickets are also incredibly appealing. You aren’t just purchasing a ticket, you are purchasing an experience, something you won’t ever forget no matter how long you live. 


Additionally, these packages aren’t just exclusive to Vegas. Many big hotels or casinos offer these types of fight/holiday packages meaning you can get the same benefits whether you are in Vegas or not. 


As mentioned already, the exclusivity aspect of the ticket is the most appealing. You will be one of the very few people who can say they were at ringside for a massive fight, and that kind of experience or feeling doesn’t have a price tag that people won’t pay. 


In the end, it is a lot of money to spend, but it is well worth it. You get an all-round experience, you get to attend a massive boxing event, and all the perks thrown in are nothing to turn your nose up at. Either way, ringside tickets will forever be hard to beat.