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What Makes Tyson Fury Such A Dynamic Fighter

Tyson Fury is widely regarded as one of the best heavyweight boxers ever. The “Gypsy King” exploded onto the boxing scene, and is currently sitting with a record of 30-0-1, only the one draw to his name and no losses. 


He is obviously always a good bet in a fight, but what makes him so good in the ring? What has taken him to a very impressive boxing record and made him one of the most talked about boxers since Mike Tyson?

Who is Tyson Fury? 

Fury was born in 1988 to Irish parents in Manchester, and has Irish traveler ancestry, hence the nickname “Gypsy King”. He also has boxing and fighting in his blood, his father was a bareknuckle, unlicensed and professional boxer in his day, finishing with a record of 8-4-1.


His half brother, Tommy Fury, is also a professional boxer, in his extended family, he has several fighting cousins, namely Hughie Fury, Nathan Gorman, retired middleweight champion Andy Lee, and heavyweight contender Hosea Burton. 


Fury also had a very successful career as an amateur, winning a bronze medal at the World Junior Championships in 2006, gold at the EU Junior Championships in 2007 and gold at the English National Championships in 2008. 

Boxing Style 

What sets Fury apart is his unique boxing style, especially for a heavyweight. He doesn’t have a set style actually, but fights with a combination of a few different tactics that not only make him hard to read, but even harder to beat. 


First off, his mindset. There is no one who can tell him that he can’t win a fight or can’t beat a particular opponent. Think of how cocky Conor McGregor was in his prime, Fury is the same, cocky, but can back it up. 


He has tremendous amounts of self-belief, and you can see this by the fact that he almost went off the rails, drinking too much and eating poorly, and was able to turn his whole life around and get fighting fit in a matter of months. 

Tyson Fury

Ryan Hafey



When it comes to punching, there are very few who do it better than Fury. Punches are only part of what makes someone a great boxer, but Fury combines his rhythm breaking strikes with feints that put his opponents off completely. 


His jab is probably what sets him apart the most. It is an incredible weapon in his arsenal that he uses for multiple purposes. Firstly, he has quick flick jabs that are purely designed to put his opponent almost off balance. 


He has straight jabs that he uses as a rangefinder and to keep his fists in his opponents guard, and then he has the body jabs, he uses these to attack from different angles, surprise his opponents, and once again, break their rhythm. He does all of this with tremendous speed, especially for a big man. 


Fast footwork isn’t something you usually associated with heavyweights, but once again, Fury breaks the mould here too. The best comparison would probably be with the great one, Muhammed Ali.


Fury moves and shimmy’s around the ring like he is on a dancefloor, switching to south-paw to really confuse his opponents sometimes too. This footwork allows him to stick and move with ease, and also forces opponents to either chase him, or be on the backfoot trying to escape him. 


Fury’s defensive IQ has been praised around the boxing world for a while now. Even for a fighter that stands almost 7 foot tall, he still doesn’t just rely on his size and strength, but knows how to dodge attacks with ease. 


His rech combined with his feints always keep his opponents guessing, they can’t read him, and his ability to duck and move with incredible speed means he is always in your face, but never in your face at the same time, all the time. 


This movement isn’t just to get out of the way either, he thinks about every step he takes and knows what punch is coming in, and where he has to move to take advantage of an opening that his opponent has left. He isn’t just getting out of the way, he is moving to set up a follow-up attack. 


Fury’s achievements speak for themselves as well. He is a two-time heavyweight champion, having held the WBC and The Ring magazine titles after defeating Deontay Wilder. He also held the unified WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO and The Ring titles after defeating Wladimir Klitschko.


He is also only the third heavyweight boxer in history, along with Muhammed Ali and Floyd Patterson, to hold The Ring title twice. He is also considered the lineal champion by many boxing media outlets. 


Fury is not only one of the best heavyweights ever, but also one of the best boxers to ever step into the ring. His abilities are almost unmatched, and he is clearly almost impossible to beat right now. We are all still waiting for the Fury vs Joshua fight which, if he were to win, would surely cement his name as one of the greats.