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Lovemore Ndou returns to the ring raising money for Covid victims

FORMER boxing world champion turned lawyer Lovemore Ndou, who is also an Australian Hall of Fame inductee and author, has announced today he is returning to the ring to raise money for South Africa and COVID affected Australians.

Former world champion boxers Anthony “The Man” Mundine, Jeff “The Hornet” Horn and Floyd Mayweather Jr and Ricky ‘Hit Man’ Hatton are on his hit list.

“We’re in open discussions with Team Mundine and Team Horn. They’re very excited about the prospect of getting back into the ring for a good cause,” said Ndou.

“I’m also keen to go toe-to-toe with Floyd. It may be an exhibition match but the competitive spirit is always there. I sparred Floyd in the past when I helped him prepare for his fight against Ricky Hatton and surely he knows I will be a way better opponent than Connor McGregor or the YouTuber he fought on the last occasion. And based on his last performance, I might even beat him.

“I already have a promoter in Brian Amatruda, from Big Time Boxing, who’s willing to make this happen. We are looking at Stadium Australia or Bankwest Stadium in Western Sydney to host the highly anticipated charity fight night in October-November in a COVID safe environment.

Tim Bauer

“I have already had people in the boxing community reaching out to me after seeing what is happening in South Africa, and if getting back into the ring can help raise money for the purposes of rebuilding my home nation, it’s time to rumble. I’m prepared to travel anywhere in the world to fight anyone to save the country of my birth.”

Ndou’s comments follow the recent violent riots and looting that have swept South Africa.

Ndou is a three-time world boxing champion who hails from small-town Musina in the Limpopo province of South Africa. With sheer determination, he overcame many hurdles in his life and now holds six university degrees and runs his own legal practice in Sydney called Lovemore Lawyers.

In recent years he has been fighting for justice in the courtrooms, but now believes the time is right to do some fighting in the ring . . . but only for a cause that he is passionate about.

“The current situation (riots and looting) is disheartening, frustrating and dispiriting. It is the last thing the country needs at a time like this when its economy needs revival during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unless we, as people of the world, provide assistance it is going to take years to rebuild and restore what has been destroyed,” Ndou said.

“For that reason I am appealing to the world to pray for South Africa and lend a hand where possible.”

Ndou recently released his autobiography in Australia and South Africa entitled TOUGH LOVE and is in talks with his publisher about donating a percentage of proceeds towards the revival of the South African economy.

“The money will go towards a designated charity to assist people who have lost their businesses during the looting,” added Ndou.

“And in return this will hopefully allow those who lost their jobs to regain them.

“I intend to participate in a number of elite boxing exhibitions or real fights to raise money towards this good cause which is close to my heart.”

Ndou said he would be setting up a GoFundMe page for South Africa where the public can make donations.

Also, the former champion is concerned for the many Australians facing homelessness, poverty and domestic violence during the COVID pandemic. He’d like to assist by donating a percentage of funds through an established Australian charity, distributing essential food.