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Home » Heavyweight Joe Joyce’s Juggernaut helmet causes stir on social media

Heavyweight Joe Joyce’s Juggernaut helmet causes stir on social media

Heavyweight Joe Joyce made progress towards a title shot over the weekend, but it was his walk-in costume that made viral waves on social media.

The former Olympic silver medalist dispatched Carlos Takam in six rounds on a Frank Warren show in the UK. Joyce is now potentially next in line for the Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk heavyweight fight winner.

WBO President Paco Valcarcel is expected to make a ruling before Joshua vs. Usyk mandatory in September.

But on Saturday night, Joyce entered the ring in a cosplay outfit befitting his nickname. “The Juggernaut” wore a helmet, paying homage to the Marvel character of the same name.

According to the fans, Joyce’s costume bore the likeness to a certain part of the male anatomy, though.

“Oh, dear. What is Joyce wearing on his head? It looks like the tip of a massive —–,” said one comment.

Another added: “Why did joe Joyce ring walk dresses like a —–?”

A third said: “Okay, I’m a bit behind. Why does Joe Joyce dress as a massive —–?”

Others compared the headgear to “Toad” from Super Mario and an upside-down plant pot. Whatever the choice of words, it may be a one-off showing for the headgear after the reaction.




In more recent years, “Juggernaut” has been displayed on screen in silver instead of a massive red helmet. Maybe not the best color for something of that size and shape on the head.

Nonetheless, Joyce won again and is on the verge of challenging for the greatest prize in the sport. He surely won’t care about few jokes on the internet.

Meanwhile, Takam and his team are planning a possible appeal over the stoppage.

Takam and his promoter Joe DeGuardia made their feelings clear in the aftermath.

“Joe Joyce was punching at me, yes, but I see that he was getting really tired, so I tried to keep my hands up, that was my strategy, to come back after he was tired and put him out.

“He stopped the fight, and I ask [the ref] why? Why? I used my experience, I know what I am doing, but he stopped the fight,” stated Takam.

Carlos Takam Joe Joyce

Queensberry Promotions

“[Takam] was alert. You could see in his eyes he was aware of what was going on and was defending himself,” said DeGuardia.

“While certainly a factor, it’s not just about whether a fighter is throwing punches back. When you have an experienced veteran fighter like Carlos, who is clearly winning an important heavyweight fight, it’s important to get it right.

“The referee must also know who is in that ring, his acumen, experience, basically his ring generalship. These are things that they must take into consideration to make the right call.

“Unfortunately for Carlos tonight, we believe they made the wrong decision. That he was alert and defending himself while waiting to launch his counter-attack at the right precise moment.

“We think a rematch is warranted.”