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“I respect Oscar De La Hoya, but I hope I don’t end up killing him!”

Oscar De La Hoya embarking on a return at the age of 47, has polarized boxing fans following a chequered time between runs in the professional boxing ranks.

The “Golden Boy,” who last fought over a decade ago, has struggled with personal issues for years. Those would have undoubtedly taken their toll on his body.

De La Hoya now faces the dangerous Vitor Belfort in a sanctioned bout that bookmakers believe he’s the underdog in despite his credentials.

Belfort, who carefully got selected due to his lack of pugilistic know-how, has big plans to make a statement against the eleven-time world champion.


The MMA fighter is known to fight fans as “The Phenom.” This moniker is due to the explosive striking power that helped him secure the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship title.

For that reason, he’s in a tie for third for the most finishes in UFC history.

His fights became part of two of the most significant all-time best-selling UFC Pay-Per-View events in a successful career. His tenure includes fighting in UFC’s Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, and Middleweight divisions.

He fought for the Strikeforce, Pride, and Affliction promotions, winning the Cage Rage championship.

Oscar De La Hoya Vitor Belfort


The 44-year-old Brazilian is hopeful he can not only win but keep De La Hoya in one piece during the process.

“Oscar De La Hoya is a true superstar in the boxing world and one of the greatest and most popular fighters of our time,” pointed out Belfort.

“While we both have a great deal of respect for each other’s accomplishments, on September 11, I will make my MMA fans proud. I’ll show that MMA and ex-UFC fighters can take down even the best boxer in the world.

“I hope I don’t end up killing him. But everything is on the table. This is a no holds barred, all-out gladiator fight to the bitter end”.

Acknowledging that Belfort is a threat, De La Hoya has a blueprint laid out to make a statement after previously calling out Canelo Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin.

“Vitor Belfort is a very tough MMA legend. While I’m sure he will give me a good run, a knockout is in my plan.

“Two warriors, one walks out the other doesn’t,” added De La Hoya.