Which betting app offers the best boxing odds?

Most of the major betting sites of today cover boxing betting. After all, it is one of the most popular sports in the world. The biggest boxing betting sites have created mobile apps to deliver more convenience.

 Even though boxing isn’t the biggest combat sport anymore, it still manages to generate a considerable amount of interest. It is no coincidence that apps with boxing betting are some of the best. Here are a few apps with amazing boxing odds. 


If you are looking for a truly thrilling boxing betting experience, PariMatch will impress you. It is obvious that the sportsbook loves to capture the action and emotions on the ring. It has a rich sports history that probably makes it easier to avail a wide range of boxing betting markets. From big title fights to smaller ones, the options are endless. 

With the variety of boxing betting odds and markets, all punters are covered. You can enjoy the Top Industry Price on the Round Betting Markets. Other popular markets include Total Rounds, Round Group Betting, and Method of Victory. You can also get to pick your favorite competitor in the Outright Boxing Betting markets. 

PariMatch gives you access to games governed by the biggest bodies like WBO, WBA, IBF, and WBC. The Olympics is covered as well so there are endless chances of playing. When you are looking for variety in boxing betting, PariMatch is arguably the best betting app.


NetBet is known for its incredible boxing markets and odds. From outright markets like picking the winner of weight divisions to Method of Victory, there is something for all betting preferences.  You can also bet on the total rounds since some bouts may not go the distance. The sportsbook covers both Featherweight and Cruiserweight divisions. 

The boxing odds are incredible as well. They are competitive and most of the top boxing events are covered. As soon as fights are announced, you can count on NetBet to set odds. You can also follow up on all the news to build up hype before a big match. NetBet has fights to bet on every week. All of them are well-priced and the odds are incredible. 

William Hill

This is the biggest bookmaker in the UK and it is no surprise that it has amazing boxing odds. It covers competitions like lightweight, featherweight, heavyweight, bantamweight, and cruiserweight. All the competitions have unique betting markets but bout betting is the most common one. 

With its live boxing results and incredible odds, William Hill has everything you’d want in a boxing betting app. The bookmaker has excellent boxing in-play betting and the boxing arena is always filled with action. 

Unibet App

Unibet was established in 1997 and its app has met and surpassed expectations. It is just as impressive as the website and is available for iOS and Android customers. 

 The mobile app is most suitable when you are interested in in-play bets. Boxing betting fans will love it. The odds are updated regularly so you always have something exciting to look forward to. You can access helpful information about what is happening in the ring. 

The Unibet app has thousands of in-play markets every week. If you need a change from boxing, you can enjoy popular sports like crickets, tennis, and football. The app has a total of 40,000 live streams. There is always something exciting to watch. You can watch a boxing match before betting on your favorite. 

Boxing is one of the simplest sports to be bet on but Unibet makes it exciting. Aside from the obvious bet where you predict the winner, it has many more markets. You may even bet on a draw even though it is rare. 

The variety of betting markets can expand as far as including the type of win-point win, knock out, technical knockout, etc. you may also predict the bout that will finish. 


With its updated markets and betting odds, Betway has something for everyone. Placing a bet on the app is easier than ever. From the biggest world titles to the least known undercard bout or title eliminator, the sportsbook covers everything. Whether you are looking for competitive odds, in-play or specific markets, Betway has something for you. 

The traditional ‘Fight Winner’ is the most popular market. It is raw and perfectly simple. You simply bet on who will win the match. The ‘Round Betting’ market is ideal when you are interested in single line bets. You get to bet on the round in which the fight will end and who will end it. 

Betway has odds on just about any fight you may think of. Even when you aren’t sure of the best betting market for your needs, you can count on Betway to deliver incredible odds. The odds are regularly evaluated in comparison to others in the market. 

Whether you want to bet on WBA, WBC, IBO, or IBF fights, Betway has in-play and pre-fight betting odds. However, it doesn’t end with the titles. The sportsbook also covers The World Boxing Super Series and Super Six World-Betting Classic. Their love for the game is obvious. 

888 Sport

888 Sport is great for boxing fans. It covers fights from WBA, IBO, IBF, and WBO. 888 features the biggest names in the industry including Floyd Mayweather Junior and Oscar De La Hoya. On the app, you can enjoy live in-play boxing betting. The odds are competitive and constantly being updated. There are odds for all popular categories including heavyweight, featherweight, and lightweight. 

888 Sport boxing betting odds include proposition bets, draws, parlays, and money lines. The markets are so varied that your betting slip can always have maximum traction. The live in-play betting option makes it easy to access the latest odds as the fight is going on. 

To sweeten the deal even further, 888 Sport has excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, they can be addressed fast. Support is available on live chat, over the phone, and through email. It is available in ten languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.