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Home » Oscar De La Hoya attempts to stir trouble among Canelo and Eddie Hearn

Oscar De La Hoya attempts to stir trouble among Canelo and Eddie Hearn

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Oscar De La Hoya makes many contrasting statements during his off-the-wall social media posts of late, but none more so than when discussing Canelo Alvarez.

The Golden Boy Chairman lost control of Canelo’s career when the Mexican superstar severed his DAZN contract before leaving De La Hoya and re-signing with the streaming service.

Canelo then hooked up with British promoter Eddie Hearn in a deal that sees the pound-for-pound king able to promote his shows with the help of the Essex man.

This situation has hurt De La Hoya immensely, to the point where the eleven-time world ruler offered to fight Canelo upon his return to action at 47.

His latest tweets are a prime example of what kind of headspace De La Hoya is currently in at the moment. On the one hand, he wished Canelo a happy birthday, weeks after slating the fighter for an innocent Instagram post.

“Head up when he throws hooks. On his heels, flat-footed. What else? – Yes, he avoids Charlo,” said De La Hoya at the time.

It seems all got forgotten since, though. Two days later, De La Hoya tried to drive a wedge between Canelo and Hearn through an old video interview.

Canelo Oscar De La Hoya

The clip in question saw Hearn state uncomplimentary comments on Canelo following his failed drug test in 2017. Since then, Hearn has undoubtedly changed his tune.

This newfound love for Canelo didn’t stop De La Hoya from raking up the statements by Hearn in an apparent bid to unsettle the pair.

De La Hoya said: “Look at your f-ing [lousy] promoter accusing you, and I’m always in your corner defending.”


Looking more like the cheated-on wife, De La Hoya’s public perception over the matter continues to hit rock bottom. Many fans see a bitter ex-promoter continually failing to move on.

Hearn and Canelo seem happy with their arrangement, and De La Hoya is now championing Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez as his next star. Therefore, the book should be closed on this whole saga,

It’s hard to gauge whether De La Hoya will move on from one day to the next. He might well be calling Canelo out next week as a future opponent.

One thing is for sure. There’s no going back for Canelo.

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