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Famous Boxers That Liked To Play At The Casino

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Professional boxers can earn considerable amounts of money at their craft. For some, holding on their money became a problem for them. They enjoyed playing casino games. This included gambling at land-based casinos as well as with online casinos. 

Some of the professional boxers experienced big wins with casino games while others were not so lucky. Here we will look at some famous boxers that really liked to play casino games. If you follow boxing, all of these names will be familiar to you.

Casino Gambling and Mike Tyson

There are few professional boxers more famous than Mike Tyson. He was born at the end of June in 1966 and came from Brooklyn. The heavyweight boxing category was his game. Tyson was famed for his aggression in the ring which resulted in him winning many championships.

Along with his success in the boxing ring, Mike also fancied himself as a professional gambler. He focused on 40 pay line casino games but also enjoyed sports betting as well. With the amount of money that Tyson had behind him, he is well known for placing very large bets on casino games in online casinos.

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Casino Games

Floyd Mayweather Jr is another very famous boxer. He was born in Grand Rapids in 1977. Mayweather recorded some impressive wins in the ring. Perhaps the most famous of all was when he beat Connor McGregor. 

It was common for Mayweather to place large bets on the outcome of boxing matches. He even placed bets on his own fights. Mayweather was pretty successful with these bets overall. One of his gambling passions was playing casino games, where he also experienced some large wins.

Floyd Mayweather Old Money

Casino Games and Evander Holyfield

Most people have heard of Evander Holyfield. He is famed for his great rivalry with Mike Tyson and had fights with him on a number of occasions. Holyfield had similar interests to Tyson outside of the ring and he too was passionate about playing casino games.

Evander Holyfield was rarely out of the spotlight. He was married and divorced three times and this cost him a lot. But he was smart with his gambling and used different strategies to win with casino games as well as sports betting. Holyfield did not place large bets when he gambled as other boxers did.

Vinny Paz and the world of Casino Gambling

Starting his boxing career off as a lightweight, Vinny Paz ended up in the Super Middleweight category where he became world champion. Paz experienced a number of highs and lows in his boxing career. Outside of the ring there were more lows than highs due to his gambling addiction.

Paz developed a real taste for casino games. This resulted in him running up huge debts in land-based casinos. He always believed that he just needed a good run to clear all of his debts. Once he had experienced this “lucky streak” he would be back to where he was when he started.

Of course, the winning streak never happened and his lines of credit were closed at the casinos in Las Vegas where he used to play. He resorted to passing bad checks in some of these casinos and was prosecuted for doing this. The gambling addiction of Vinny Paz resulted in bankruptcy later on.

The Casinos and Manny Pacquiao

Philippine born Manny Pacquiao was another great boxer that had a passion for gambling. Pacquiao used to place large bets on many different events. This even included cockfighting where he allegedly placed a bet of around $360,000.

Visiting land-based casinos and playing casino games was a real passion for Pacquiao. He started out by visiting casinos in Macau and Australia, and then he also traveled to Las Vegas to try his luck. Pacquiao liked to play poker in these casinos and developed a gambling addiction which he did overcome.