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Home » Chris Eubank leads tributes to son Sebastian Eubank on his 30th birthday

Chris Eubank leads tributes to son Sebastian Eubank on his 30th birthday

Tributes went out to tragic Sebastian Eubank on Sunday on what would have been the fallen fighter’s 30th birthday. Father Chris Eubank and brother Chris Jr. once again led the way.

A heartbroken Eubank Sr. revealed details of the funeral, which took place just a few days after the shocking news of Seb’s passing.

Police concluded their inquiries quickly, having gathered that Eubank had died from a massive heart attack while swimming in the ocean near his home in Dubai.


Wife Salma stated that nothing could be done for Seb, even if he wasn’t alone. He suffered his untimely end while watching the sunset just over a week before his birthday.

Dad Chris took to social media on his son’s 30th birthday [July 18th] to share a special video of Seb.

“My son was laid to rest on Friday in Dubai after dying from a heart attack last Wednesday.

Sebastian Eubank

“He lived there with his wife Salma and their one-month-old son, Raheem.


“We thank the Dubai Police for a thorough and expedient investigation & for making his burial swift,” said the former boxing champion.

Elder sibling Chris Jr. also shared the same post, accompanied with the words: “A king on earth… now a king in heaven. Happy Birthday, bro.”

When hearing the news, Eubank Jr. had stated: “I haven’t cried since I was 12 years old. Yesterday I cried the whole day.

Chris Eubank Sebastian Eubank


“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to watch your back like a big brother’s supposed to.

“Can’t believe you’re really gone, man, but you’ll always be in my heart, mind, and spirit.”



Seb was a born fighter and a man of many talents. He’d excelled in both boxing and MMA during his tenure dipping his toes into all forms of combat.

When his life ended, Seb was contemplating putting his all into one code but sadly didn’t get the chance to show just how far he would go.

Cruelly, we will never know just how talented he really was.

WBN’s condolences go out to the Eubank family.

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