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Doubts remain on whether Oscar De La Hoya will ever get back in the ring

Oscar De La Hoya is scheduled to return from just over a decade of absence this fall, but doubts remain whether it will occur.

Out-of-the-ring problems come top of the list when the discussion between fans and media takes place on social media or forums, leading to many concluding that the “Golden Boy” will not be back in action.

In what seems a doomed move, De La Hoya is due to fight Vitor Belfort, a dangerous choice even in the boxing ring.

Amazingly, despite only one ex-champion boxer (Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.) losing a high-profile match-up against an MMA fighter, De La Hoya begins as the underdog.

It’s not the norm when pugilists battle mixed martial artists in their own code.

Immediately, a red flag goes up against the 47-year-old. If that were Floyd Mayweather, even at 47, he’d still be a massive favorite to win. Confidence in De La Hoya’s physical and mental health is undoubtedly low.

Oscar De La Hoya Vitor Belfort


The gloomy predictions come despite a stellar career from start to finish for De La Hoya. Known as ‘The Golden Boy’ due to his win at the 1992 Olympics, De La Hoya won eleven world titles in six weight classes.

Three of those were lineal championships in three separate weight classes. He’s one of the best drawing boxers in the sport’s history and was the first real Pay-Per-View king below the heavyweight division.

Top-rated in the world pound for pound, in 1997 and 1998, he announced his retirement just over a decade later, following a professional career spanning 16 years.

De La Hoya will be part of the new TrillerVerz series of contests staged by Triller. The full festival lineup and details will get announced shortly, accompanying the world-class boxing card.

The TrillerVerz weekend festival comes on the heels of the Triller’s record-breaking Tyson-Jones event in November and the formation of Triller Fight Club.

Michael Hunter will take on Mike Wilson in a heavyweight eliminator in the kick-off event next month.