Do “stanky leg” jibes point to Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor II?

Conor McGregor leg Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather took his ribbing of Conor McGregor’s latest loss to a whole new level this week with jibes over how the Irishman suffered a broken ankle.

“The Notorious” horrendously turned over his foot, ending his three-fight saga with Dustin Poirier 2-1 in his opponent’s favor.

Losing four of his last five fights, one to Mayweather in August 2017, McGregor is on the worst run of his career.

This outcome didn’t stop Mayweather from putting the literal boot into McGregor’s leg problem. Even when McGregor was in surgery, the five-weight world champion posted to his millions of followers poking fun of his former foe.

“Y’all got it twisted! I like how his shoes fit. Now, do the stanky leg,” said Mayweather in the first post featuring a picture of McGregor sitting in a chair with his leg photoshopped.

After a response from his fans, Mayweather upped the ante. This time with a snap of McGregor’s UFC doll with the foot turned in.

Accompanying the post, Mayweather laughed: “Parents, please get your children an early Christmas gift.

“Remember to tell them this,” F IF YOUR LEG IS BROKE, B* HOP UP ON YOUR GOOD FOOT!”

“He added a “stankylegedition” hashtag for good measure.

Conor McGregor toy Floyd Mayweather


Mayweather taking the time to insult McGregor, poses the question of whether the former pound-for-pound king still wants to dance with “Champ Champ.”

Their clash four years ago generated over four million Pay-Per-View buys worldwide, only the second fight in history to do so in the modern era.

The other was Mayweather’s 2015 snoozefest with Manny Pacquiao, something the 44-year-old doesn’t seem too keen on revisiting right now.

McGregor is facing the biggest crisis of his career. He simply cannot buy a high-profile victory. If he took on Mayweather again after his first performance, it would do little to change that.

Floyd dominated him from the mid-rounds after Mayweather gave McGregor a few rounds to settle in. It was merely a matter of time before Mayweather would get the stoppage.

Who wants to see that again?

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