Heavyweight KO machine who fought off baseball bat thugs returns Aug 7


Heavyweight Lucian Atana aims to build on a solid start in the professional ranks and has all the tools necessary to a long way in boxing.

He’s the knockout specialist who fought off eight baseball-wielding thugs in a nightclub ambush.

The 6ft 9ins Atana has started his pro boxing career with four straight knockouts and looks to make it five out of five at the York Hall in Bethnal Green on August 7.

The 18 ½ stones man mountain will be relieved only to face one opponent!

Internet footage shows Atana fighting off eight thugs while working on the door of a nightclub in Romania.

Manager Ron Boddy said: “Lucian wouldn’t let them in, so they came back with baseball bats and knives. Lucian sent them all packing.”

Atana has since moved with his wife to Chiswick. Boddy says the 29-year-old could be heading to the top of the boxing world.

Lucian Atana heavyweight


He said: “Lucian can dance, and he punches hard enough to knock down a building. His potential is massive.”

Atana wanted to be a rower. “He went to a club when he was 18,” said Boddy, “and was told he was too old to start rowing. There was a boxing gym next door – so he decided to give it a go.”

He twice won Romanian amateur boxing honors before moving to London.

“He had friends over here who told him to get back into boxing,” said Boddy. “They told him: ‘Why to go and work on a building site when you could be heavyweight champion of the world?’”

All four of Atana’s victories have come early. Some include vicious knockouts that subsequently went viral on social media.

Fans expect another from the beast when the first bell goes in London next month.